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# 1 Broken Mirror Parts I and II
04-12-2013, 11:11 PM
Table of Contents:

Broken Mirror
Broken Mirror, Part II


Mission name: Broken Mirror
Faction: Federation
Level restrictions: 31+
Ground combat: Yes
Space combat: Yes
Dialogue heavy: Yes, but some is skippable.

A mission to the Federation's listening post in the Kerben system goes unexpectedly as an eratic anomaly behaves unpredictably. It is up to you, your crew and the collective minds of the U.S.S. Purity, U.S.S. Ganondel and U.S.S. Caberdine to set things right... until things take an unexpected twist.

Preview Image 1: The U.S.S. Ganondel sits in drydock, stranded by the anomaly.

Preview Image 2: The anomaly awakens!

Preview Image 3: An enslaved depot worker miserably toils away.

Preview Image 4: These slaves are up to no good...

Preview Image 5: The overseer and his goons have arrived...

Preview Image 6: The Kerben system as seen from the Mirror Universe.

This is my first attempt at a Foundry mission. There is a lot of dialogue, but I tried to give options to skip it where I could. This mission is primarily intended to set up the storyline for a later string of missions as they are developed.

Mission was tested at level 50 with an Andorian Escort/Assault Cruiser using crappy gear I picked up in an "Gear Farm" mission I made. Ground combat was tested as a Sci Medic with mk x common gear/terrible, ungeared bridge officers. Both are completable under these conditions, though this may be a rough ride for players who aren't exactly in-tune with the inner workings of ground and space combat.
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04-14-2013, 12:07 PM
Just played your mission and here's my opinion:

1. Place the initial contact location within the mission description rather then the hail. When you take a foundry mission you can only view the description and not the hail after you accept. This runs into the (very often for me) possibility of taking a mission, waiting a few days before getting around to actually doing it, and then not remembering where the initial contact is to start the mission because the description doesn't say. This forces me to quit the mission and accept it again which I don't always want to do because there are lots of other missions out there for me to do. Even if I do the mission right away (like I did this one) if I'm clear across the map I may not remember exactly which door on DS9 to go through just that it's on DS9 (which did happen to me).

2. Spawning so close to the bed in the trade depot one of my BOFF's got stuck in it. I understand we're supposed to be waking up in it but I'd recommend moving the spawn point a little ways away.

3. When putting in the name of the ship name don't add U.S.S. to it. Not all ships use U.S.S. (mine is a V.S.S.) and it's also redundant. It's really odd to see them talk about the U.S.S. V.S.S. Ar'kada Aushfa (the name of my ship). If you just had full ship name it would automatically put in the correct designation and only talk about V.S.S. Ar'kada Aushfa. Also be aware that since we can fly terran empire (mirror universe) ships it may not look "similar" to a terran empire ship it very easily *could* be a terran empire ship. Also if someone is flying an alien ship, especially if it was one of the tholian ships, it would not make any sense at all. I would recommend making dialog options that allow the player to choose what series of ship they are using and then have the dialog change accordingly. I would have a choice between standard federation ship (which is what you are assuming people have), a mirror universe ship, a non-tholian alien ship, and a tholian ship.

4. despite these shortcomings I did enjoy the mission, didn't have any problems navigating the maps, combat was fine, no obvious spelling or grammar errors in the dialog and ultimately I gave it a 4 star rating.
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# 3
04-15-2013, 12:00 PM
Thanks for the feedback!

Update: Broken Mirror
  1. The mission start location is now listed in the mission info in addition to the initial dialogue.
  2. The Mirror Universe ships that come out of the anomaly should now path towards the player, rather than force the player to approach the dangerous anoamly (Dr. Menek says: Bad, very bad!) to deal with them.
  3. The player's bridge officers should no longer sometimes get stuck in scenery in the Tholian Trade Depot.
  4. Updated the patrolling Gorn. He is now alone and no longer haunted by ghosts, but he may look a bit silly.
  5. Added a bit more life and variety to the Tholian Trade Depot. Humans, Gorn and Romulans are no longer the only slaves.
  6. Added a few more interactable objects.
  7. Alice no longer states the mystery ship's registry prefix. While it is still assumed to be a standard Federation ship, she will no longer refer to it as "U.S.S. U.S.S. ShipName".
  8. Updated the background of the Mirror Kerben System. It should no longer appear as a blank field of stars and should reflect the new owners of the system quite well.
  9. Updated the spawn location of the ship in the Mirror Kerben System. Players should no longer be getting stuck in the dock or spawn inside the meteor.
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04-21-2013, 07:43 PM
Mission name: Broken Mirror, Part II
Faction: Federation
Level restrictions: 31+
Ground combat: Yes
Space combat: Yes
Dialogue heavy: Yes, but some is skippable.

This mission is currently in the review process. It will not be available to general audiences until it is "approved", but you may access it by becoming a reviewer and searching "Broken Mirror, Part II".

With the ship from the Prime Universe hijacked from the Tholian Trade Depot in the Kerben system, the rag tag crew under the command of Captain Ryan Elkinson visit the Hessing system to further their goals of freedom.

Preview Image 1: Captain Elkinson and his crew aboard the stolen Federation vessel.

Preview Image 2: Opposing powers converge on the Hessing system. Who will win?

Preview Image 3: Are they here to liberate or to conquer?

Preview Image 4: Protecting the high value target.

Again, the mission was tested under the same conditions as the previous mission and is completable even in terrible gear. Testing on Holodeck (as opposed to the foundry's bug-ridden internal testing) produced the following known issues at random:

- The bridge crew of the Prime Universe ship sometimes stand on their chairs rather than sit down.
- One NPC patrolling the halls in the later half of the Hessing Weapons Lab likes to randomly appear in the rafters. He is still killable.
- A crate a scientist is using to hide sometimes disappears.
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