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01-02-2013, 10:06 PM

COMM ID: Shrike

It would seem that the Omega Expedition has bent over to be shafted by the House of Marok, allowing them to run their pirating operations from Verix base, now. May as well say they are doing it themselves. Our friendly status would appear to be a little rocky now.
And another thing, communication transmissions, received earlier, would indicate them to be aiding the Helghast pirate group in Balduk [Klingon] space, with another thinly disguised excuse about bailing out another bunch of low-lifes based there. Seems they just want to be starting wars whenever their jewels get hard. Been out in the boondocks for a bit too long - space madness creeping in.
Perhaps hiding behind a neutral alignment should be updated, as their intent seems to be that of making trouble.
Watch your backs everyone, seems the daggers are out. Not safe at home now ...


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01-29-2013, 12:29 PM


COMM ID: Jesus Malverde
ACCESS ID: 1188-420-81-012
LOCATION: Wall Street Station,Theta Eridani system
DESTINATION: Outpost MZ-5, Halee system
COMM ID: Office of the Board of Directors

Dear master Simon:

We have two things we would like to report.

First, we have completed testing on a fully cloaked transport ship that we acquired from the Reman base of Gasko. The refitting of the ship was carried out in an unused atmospheric bay in Gamma Crateris.
The technology is a bit tricky, Simon. We can only achieve a 10% power output, enough to run the cloaking device, but not enough power to warrant taking up space with guns. But, who needs guns when they can't see you, right?
We have also been able to mount a docking bay on this ship, and are able to carry a fighter/bomber class ship on-board. Depending on the type of fuel used, the ship can maintain a cloaked status for a considerable amount of time. I won't bore you with the exact details, but there should be a good many ways this ship can be utilized.

Second, we have completed preliminary site test for the construction of a yet to be named base. Ka -tet provided us with THIS report. As you can see Simon, all safety standards are met and construction can start at any time. We just need the Board of Directors "OK" before we move ahead on it. Once green light is given, we will start with construction.

My humble regards to your combined efficiency.
The Shrike
Wall Street Station,Theta Eridani system

***Transmission Terminated***

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01-30-2013, 09:52 PM
Right, I'm not even sure where to begin.

The last weeks saw the I.N.D. transport over a hundred thousand persons from Kazar to the heart of the Beloti, near Cardassian space; the successful bidding for a contract with the Tallarians; renewed contracts with the Klingons; renewed contracts with the Ferengi; the outbreak of war in the Hromi Cluster between the freighter coalition, kDF, and virtually every regional power.

I found myself running refugees from the freeport on a humanitarian bit - while under fire -from everything ranging from delusional Gorn captains in battleships, to trigger happy Cardassian Patrols near Star-base 27.

Furthermore Otis managed to get himself pirated by a couple of Zakdorn, who tore up his ship after demanding a rather homely king's ransom. So we've put out a bounty on the freaks, which has dissolved, in turn, into a running war with Starfleet Dental - both within and out of UFP space; mercs on one side, war on the other. Somehow running goods between the lot.

Which brings me to the good news: Efforts to secure a contract to ship goods to the Klingons couldn't have paid out better. Just as the 42nd Science Division retract their standing arrangement to ship goods, we're right there with hat in one hand and sandwich in the other. Beautifully timed. We've been approached on the matter of aiding the Klingons in establishing nutritional independence, a daunting task, but one which we might be to the task of meeting with considerable investment of resources.
Additionally, in recognition for our efforts in the Iccobar system, the Romulans have offered permission to establish holdings in their space, which might provide purchase for our organization to establish influence throughout not only the region but with local parties...

But I don't see how we can capitalize fully on these opportunities under current conditions. The Ferengi Commerce Authority is breathing down our back wondering what we're upto. We've been neglecting our corporate duties, and auditors are just about sieging the corporate offices back home.

Might be time to cut the corporate anchor and strike out on our own. It'll remove the haven of the core to fall back on, but give us ever so much more breathing room in the border-worlds.
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02-01-2013, 08:30 PM
James rubbed his left ankle, hitting his foot on the edge of that synth-paste shipment wasn't a pleasant experience. As he was bent to his side, the screen finally loaded the current messages... At the same time, with his right hand, he waved his palm over the embedded desktop matrix, and his electronic fabricator created a tangible copy...

"New contract, eh...?",
James said to himself out loud.
"Better read this one over, don't want to end up like ol' Otis last time..."

James started searching around in the drawer of his desk. He quickly found what he was looking for, a fat black marker, and got to work.

"Don't like that...", he mumbled as he read the second line. He promptly drew a thick black line over the offending text, and continued reading.

And so it progressed for at least an hour, until James was finally satisfied with his handy-work. At this point, he pulled out a traditionally cheap ball-point and signed his name.

"Jay wont like this.
Nevermind eh? Haha!"

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02-03-2013, 11:50 PM
COMM ID: Brandy MacFarlane
TARGET: The Shrike
SUBJECT: Sweet mother of sanity

I'm alive, well, wealthy, and happy. The injector dealership has been running alright, although the market has just tanked, and changed on me overnight, but hey, what am I if not adaptable.

Anyway, if all the power-napping and liquid-lunch breaks start to raise the old blood pressure, you'll find a swimming-pool tiled with reformed snap-cocaine, and filled to the brim with Maltese brandy (and now two vintage cars... Thanks to a Mr A. Z. appearing there) in a hotel I bought at half-price. Never has relaxing managed to boost the ego quite as much.

~ B.M.

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02-13-2013, 09:20 PM
COMM ID: Cokc adn Bull
ACCESS ID: 263745r-AT
LOCATION: beyond Briar Patch, Sector QSR-390021; and Cardassian occupied planetoid 4745848

Howdy bosh,

Layin low on Bajor for a while, heard of some activity near the Briar patch - I am going to want to avoid, so I figured I would moor up here and check in on the offices, see how everything is going. Maybe find a little Bajoran girly to keep me warm tonight... anyway, I got some ideas to throw around with y'all, bout where we officially headquarter our selves (purely a tax matter at this point) but my instincts tell me, we might be able to save ourselves a big load of cash. Anyway, working on a proposal now, I will pass it up to the acting boss man in a few days, but as it stands now, I went up there to NGC-5139...scarey plcae still, I was able to slip in and slip out, without raising an eye...and with a fill hold of wine....I love this stuff, kept ten cases for myself, so if you want a bottle, let me know, but you better make it quick, or it may just be all gone......well, better make it real quick.....*glug glug glug*

yea sooo...

Otis Jeb

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03-06-2013, 11:51 PM
From: Nuget, The Sons of Themis
To: IND Vice Presidents
Re: Status Report

Greetings from the [redacted] !

It is a pleasure to deliver our first status report to the board. We have made much progress in the last few months, and I will try to cover as many of the key points as possible.

IC alliance
Our friends at Interspace Commerce agreed to an alliance between us to strengthen trade opportunities in Omega Leonis, and share knowledge and expertise.

Third in command
The latest addition to our management staff has proven to be a wise choice - Mr. Marwick has the inspiration and motivation to help drive this company forward, and it is a pleasure to work with this gentleman.

Weapons research
Chadwick is also our research team leader, and has begun an extensive weapons research program here at The Gate-way. We feel this will attract many new potential customers, and will be a great opportunity in the near future.

New ship-line
The re-launch of our product line has proven hugely successful, with excellent numbers of orders. Our production capacity is flat-out to keep up with demand. A waiting list is in place and we may need to set up a logistics contract to supply more components to our ship-yard soon.

Future plans
We are planning to explore the possibilities of trading and/or selling TST products in the Gamma Quadrant, most likely to Ka -tet and 42nd Science Division. We need to set up discreet communications to establish the viability of this interaction.

We also have sent a communique to the Delta Outposts to inquire about collaboration with our weapons research. This is also being extended to the Tallarian Republic in exchange for passage through their guard system to provide alternate access to Tong Beak Nebula.

We are also attempting to acquire a production license for the ferengi D'Kora Marauder, a gunboat-class vessel with some eclectic scientific technology which we are hoping to introduce into the open market.

This concludes the report, please get in touch with any queries or concerns on our channel: The Sons of Themis| Message Dump

Yours Sincerely,

Nuget, transport security
Chief Operating Officer of U.S.S. Alcyone, The Sons of Themis

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03-26-2013, 03:00 PM
COMM ID: Rodie Severance
TO: IND Corporate Board

Dear CEO's,

I would hereby like to ask if you could add my vessel "More.Cowbell" to the fleet and give her tags accordingly. After tagging I shall change her name to "Painting.The.Tape" (An illegal action by a group of market manipulators buying and/or selling a security among themselves to create artificial trading activity, which, when reported on the ticker tape, lures in unsuspecting investors as they perceive an unusual volume.)

The official paperwork should have reached your desk as we speak.

Rodie Severance

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04-21-2013, 11:43 PM
COMMUNICATION IDENT: Your worst Nightmare.
LOCATION: Probably behind you ...
DESTINATION: All Channels.

It would appear my previous transmission fell on one or two deaf ears: Not signing in, is a breach of contract, and will be treated with removal of company paperwork, and even worse, keys to all executive washrooms. I hope I'm clear now.
Thanks for your attention in this matter.
That is all.

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# 20 from the desk of the CFO...
05-12-2013, 10:51 PM
Run Messaging Program
Run Command "To"
Send to "Shrike"
CommID: Luke Fyzz

10%..... 10%! I'm not giving you 10% of my funds that I have worked for. How about you get fat lazy butt out of the Honshu bar and get to work yourself!

I know you have a Train, how about flying it some time!

End Message
Run Command "Send"
Message Sent
Terminate Program

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