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# 1 Romunan Looking for KDF Fleet
04-22-2013, 07:27 AM
ok in preparation for the release of the romulans I will be looking for a KDF side fleet to join,

I enjoy PvP, ESTFs and PVE content.... Im looking for a fleet that is active, makes use of teamspeak or ventrillo, and is generally helpful while I level my Romulan.... my in game @handle is @GaiusKerensky.... catch me online or post here so that I might ask questions and get an idea of the fleet.... I well informed decision requires that I ask questions

so to sum up... I am looking for

1. an Active, Laid Back fleet
2. PvP, PVE, ESTFs and some light RP
3. team atmosphere where fun is had by all
4. a welcome place for a Romulan and former member of the Tal'Shiar
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