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# 1 Torpedoes and Battle Cloak
04-22-2013, 08:48 AM
I've been playing two KDF captains regularly for a couple of months now and I've had quite a bit of fun. However, I have one big complaint about Battle Cloak and BoP's.

Torpedos fired before you're cloaked will follow and hit you even after you're fully cloaked. This makes battle cloak extremely risky to use when you're being targeted by extremely powerful enemies like Elite Borg ships or when you're low on HP. When you cloak, your shields go down and you're left with your puny ~32k hull ( Or less if you're damaged ). Something that two elite borg torpedoes will eat up right away. If they don't kill you right away, their ~300-1000 DPS plasma fire will. The "+50% defense" doesn't help either.

This flaw severely negates the advantages to Battle Cloak, the one major ability that is supposed to make the BoP worth flying over a Raptor. I don't mind being hit by torpedoes while I'm cloaking. It's after I've cloaked is when it really bothers me. IE: I play Elite STF's quite often. If I get too much aggro, like in Hive, I'll cloak, fall back and find an easier target. Sometimes, after about 5 seconds of being fully cloaked, BOOM, I'm suddenly down to 50% HP and have a 600 DPS plasma fire burning me down to ~30% HP. This is even with 37% kinetic resistance and 130% bonus defense.

This flaw also affects some destructible torpedos like the Transphasic Cluster Mine Torpedo. In PvP, it will follow cloaked ships ( Even if it's 8km away, way out of even high stealth sight range ) instead of targeting the next nearest enemy like it should.

My point: Torpedoes should NOT follow and hit cloaked ships. They do not have super advanced stealth sights.

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