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Ok, I've been "testing" (/enjoying) the Legacy of Romulus on Tribble. Overall, it looks great. I really like the new singularity core explosions and how the first 4 BOffs have actual backstory.

Here are a couple issues though:

1. I was browsing through the shipyard, looking at BOff/console layouts of the new warbirds. I realize not all of the in-game models may not be finished yet. No problem there. But are the bridge officers going to be called Lieutenant Commander, etc., or Subcommander/Centurion, etc.? In the game, they're listed as Civilian/Centurion/Subcommander, but in the shipyard, the details of each ship say Lieutenant Commander, etc.

2. Whenever my ship drops out of warp into a planet's orbit, I hear the sounds twice. They are separated by about a second or two, but it's easy to notice.

Keep up the good work, Devs. I'm excited to play the final product!

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