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The Tribble server has been updated.

  • Nukara missions will now award Nukara Strike Force marks.
    • Generally 5 for easy missions, 10 for medium, 15 for hard, with bonus marks during reputation event time.
    • Note that this is just a first implementation, and marks will be added to additional content.
  • Updated audio all over the place.
  • Romulans now have the Duty Officer tutorial, hosted by Centurion Velaar.
    • "First Complement" Duty Officer missions now include directions on where to go to find your Duty Officer assignment officer.
  • Several changes to graphics code to improve logging and stability.

  • The mission progression has been updated for the earlier Romulan missions.
    • Everything should flow more smoothly now.
  • Tutorial:
    • Updated enemy spawns in the Romulan tutorial so that they scale with the number of people in the area.
    • As well, all spawns now have a shorter respawn timer.
    • Romulan Centurions will no longer fail beam out their captives.
  • Flotilla:
    • There are now guards posted in the Flotilla transporter room.
    • The Exchange is now accessible in the Flotilla.
  • Updated the transwarp cost of Memory Lane to use the same price as other Neutral Zone transwarps
  • Sleepers:
    • The Defeating the Nausicaans mission step is now required to successfully complete Sleepers
    • Added actual geometry for debris so you have something visible to interact with on the ground map.
    • Added text to N'vek's dialogue explaining that after you blow up the nodes you collect any scavenged components.
    • Updated the minicontact that appears when you get close to the cube so that it will only appear during the first act, and will appear for everyone on the mission.
    • Updated the Depart System dialog at the end so that it says "Depart System" on the action button.
    • All players on a team can now progress through the Derelict Cube door.
  • Gasko Blues:
    • Resolved an issue where you could pull the final captain out of the transporter room and kill her before the mission required you to.
  • Added a waypoint to the self-destruct console on Freighter 2 in Smash and Grab.

  • The Shield Offline proc from the Charged Burst Assault's secondary fire no longer lasts far longer than intended.
  • Plasma Infuser consoles now only affect Directed Energy weapon attacks.
  • The firing arcs of each of the following Abilities have been increased from 90-degrees to 135-degrees:
    • Subnucleonic Beam
    • Aceton Beam
    • Tachyon Beam
    • Tyken's Rift
    • Gravity Well
    • Viral Matrix
    • Breen Energy Dissipator Console
    • Graviton Pulse Console
  • The firing arcs of each of the following Abilities have been increased from 120-degrees to 135-degrees:
    • Isometric Charge Console
    • Magnetometric Overload Console
    • Known Issue: Hovering over these powers will not generate the correct Firing Arc overlay, but will instead show a 180-degree arc.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the description of Analyze Weakness.
  • Torpedoes will no longer display Emission Seeking Torpedo or Photonic Shockwave Torpedo unless the player has the appropriate console equipped.
  • Increased the benefit of RCS Accelerator consoles.
    • They will now provide a benefit closer to what is indicated by the tooltip.
    • This is a larger change for slower ships with RCS Accelerators than ships that already had a fast turn rate.
  • Nukara Reputation:
    • Resolved an issue that caused some Nukara passive powers to not show up in your passive power list on your character sheet.
    • Updated Refracting Tetryon Cascade:
      • The first jump of the power now hits the intended maximum of 2 targets.
      • Corrected a typo in this power's long description.
    • Updated the Cryo Immobilizer Module:
      • The proc now has 50% shield penetration as intended.
      • It now procs at the intended rate of 20%.
      • Cleaned up the help text of the Cryo Immobilizer Module.
    • Nukara Space Set:
      • Updated this power's help text to indicate that it removed Weapons Offline effects once every 4 seconds.
      • Resolved an issue that caused it to fire off only when engines were also disabled.
    • Nukara Reprogrammed Tholian Drone Pets:
      • Increased HP of standard and elite drones.
      • Elite Reprogrammed Assault Drones will now correctly activate their Tetryon Burst attack.
      • Added detailed long help on each of the drone summoning powers.
    • Nukara Utility Drones:
      • Updated the long help and display name of these vanity pets to let the user know that they're associated with the Nukara Strikeforce.
      • These vanity pets will no longer continue to consume the remaining time when the user enters combat.
  • New Romulus Reputation:
    • Romulan and Reman Entourage Vanity Pets will no longer continue to consume the remaining time when the user enters combat.
  • Updated Romulan Singularity Mechanics:
    • Romulan ships no longer generate Singularity by using energy weapons.
      • Instead, a small amount of Singularity is generated every second, as long as the ship is in combat and not cloaked.
    • Plasma Shockwave: Updated tooltip to indicate 5km radius.
      • This is a text change only.
    • Updated Quantum Absorption:
      • Reduced temporary hit point and instant shield heal buff moderately.
      • Significantly reduced the effectiveness of this power's shield heal over time.
  • Singularity Specialist's proc chance is now 10% when your singularity meter is empty, down from 20%.
  • The "Tal Shiar Deflector Dish" received from the mission "Enemy Action" now properly allows for the activation of Science abilities.

  • Updated the HUD:
    • Shortened the height of the player status HUD element.
    • Moved buff timer below the edge of the buff icon.
    • Changed the style of the ground target window.
    • Added black border around small HUD font (used in mouseover states for health bars.
    • Improved visibility of the clock and zone name on the minimap.
    • Slightly reduced size of ground and space power trays.
    • Reduced height of space shield tray.
    • Moved ground team member status windows further to the left.
    • The HUD mouseover options should now save properly.
  • Added "Federation Classic", "Klingon Classic", and "Romulan Classic" color schemes.
    • These schemes feature lower contrast with bright button text and icons, and do not have a red alert mode.
  • When an enemy is a higher level than you, the space UI tells you the level difference with a number next to their name.
    • That number has been changed from red to orange to avoid appearing as part of the target's name.
  • Changed the tooltip of the Romulan and KDF options in character creation to no longer indicate the old incorrect message about reaching Level 25 on a Starfleet character.
    • Instead it now indicates that permission to create a Romulan and/or KDF character has not been granted.
    • This is a text change only.
  • It's now possible to click a level on the skill level indicator to buy the clicked level of the skill.
  • Resolved an issue in which Trait Respec tokens could be spent even if there are no traits to respec.
    • Also added a confirmation dialog to the Trait respec button to prevent accidental respecs.
  • Updated the tailor and character creator:
    • The tailor will now properly refresh outfits after saving changes.
    • Going into the ship tailor no longer causes zooming to break in the character tailor.
    • The mouseover preview hairs and faces will now be disabled while spinning the outfit in the character creator or tailor.
  • The UI no longer claims that the last trait unlocks at level 60 for aliens.
  • Re-added and updated the Fleet Emblem editor.
    • You no longer edit the fleet emblems in space.
  • The contact popup window now remembers its last position.

Known Issues:
  • The Klingon Mission Journal is currently being re-worked and some missions may not yet be available to existing Klingons.
  • Neither Klingons nor Romulans are available for new characters.
    • A small number of participants can now create Romulans as part of a closed beta.
  • The C-store is disabled.
  • Players on Wine will need to use a workaround in order to play.
  • Sela still doesn't have a cape.
    • Now the cape makers are on strike.
  • The "Allies" mission arc is going through a change in progression.
    • This may prevent players from completing some of the missions.

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