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Hi, you probably came across this little thread when looking for a new fleet, so why don't I tell you about ourselves.

What is GotF?
GotF is a medium size social fleet dedicated to helping the members of STO. We had originally started out as a sister fleet called Red Forces Mission Fleet, attached to The Red Forces on October 18th, 2011. Being as that fleet has since died out, we have since become our own separate entity and transformed into the casual yet organized fleet you see today.

How do I advance in the fleet?
When you join our fleet, you will be promoted to ensign via chatting on our fleet channel. As you do stuff in the fleet you will gain points for 4 different tracks: contributions to the fleet starbase, sociability in the fleet which includes participating in feet events, Time Served in the fleet, and our traditional PvP method. These points will count towards promotions within the fleet. 60 FP is needed for Lt, 160 for commander, and 300 for captain.

Fleet rules
In conjunction with my own personal rules, the fleet rules are as followed:
*Real life is more important (meaning if you have obligations off-game, by all means worry about them first)
*Inappropriate behavior such as bullying, spamming, stealing, or any other such action will not be tolerated
*First time offenses are given a warning, followed by demotions subsequent times until kicked from the fleet at cadet rank
*Have fun!
*All cookies belong to Beamer!

Current Staff
Fleet Leader and Diplomatic Corps. Department Head - Beamer
Fleet Executive Officer and Fleet Relations Department Head - Ian
Internal Affairs (IA) Department Head - Ryan Vault
Tactical Assault Command (TAC) Department Head - Savot
Guardians of the Empire Fleet Leader - Yuki AKA Snow

What are Departments in GotF?
TAC - Responsible for handling PvP's, PvE's, Fleet Mark Missions, Romulan Mark Missions, Episodes, & STF's
IA - Responsible for Fleet Holdings management, Fleet Security, & the Fleet Bank
Fleet Relations - Responsible for handling this lovely site, Recruitment, and our Facebook page & Fleet information
Diplomatic Corps - Responsible for Interfleet Relations

We have a global channel called GotF Open Frequencies. In order to join it, press escape, click on chat settings, 2nd tab, and enter the name.
People who want to help teach members in our fleet the game and how to progress in our fleet, can become a mentor at captain rank.

After reading this, I sincerely hope you give our fleet a try. Thank you for your consideration and reading this thread regardless.

Please visit us at

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