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# 1 LoR general feedback
04-23-2013, 08:41 AM
Hi guys, Just wanted to give you a bit of feedback seeing that you were kind enough to let me have a sneak peek behind the green curtain.

As a closed beta vet and having purchased my life time pre launch I've been around for a while on and off, I have seen the game grow over the past 3 years from a pretty shallow grind into the story packed trek adventure we have today pre-LoR.

Having played upto lvl 22 with a Klingon aligned Romulan, I have to say you guys have really hit it for 6 and smashed it out the park, the immersion factor with the Romy's is miles ahead of your core game, all the new artwork assets, environments, interiors, scale, uniforms are just all spot on, appart from a few minor bugs i can't fault it, its that good!

Its the best work yet of all the Cryptic games and your leading the way for other Dev teams in the Cryptic / PWE family to follow...

You do now have a problem though, as I said before, the LoR content shows us all what you as a team are capable of and makes glaringly obvious the faults and shortcomings of your core game. I really do hope both the Fed's and Klink's are hit with the same stick once you finish with the Romy's, more so the Klink's, they should have been first in line. You can't add a third semi faction to a game if one of the two core factions was never really finished.

So all in all, thats some great work and thanks very much for the peek

P.S Whenever you want me to beta the Cardassian faction just let me know, would be more than happy to do so.. K?

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