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I appreciate that the devs are trying to bring all sorts of new weapons to the game, but I'd really like to see more official weapons from the various Star Trek TV shows and movies.

- More Starfleet Type 1 "cricket" phasers from the movies and TNG (we already have the old Type 1 from TOS).

- The Klingon disruptor pistols and rifles from the movies and TNG rather than more of the over-the-top designs in the game.

It seems like the Romulan and Dominion weapons (and the Bajoran weapons in the DS9 pack) are sticking close to what we saw in TNG and DS9 but the Starfleet and Klingon weapons aren't exactly like what was in the TV shows and films.

Sure, I understand that the timeline in the game is later on, but if you use that excuse we shouldn't have access to any of the same ships from the TV shows or films either ... which obviously isn't a good idea.

Anyway, I can't be the only person wanting more weapons in the game that appear the way they did in the Trek TV shows and films we loved.

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