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So with both the changes to EPTX abilities and RCS consoles, will this not be quite as bad for cruisers? Still a pain, but maybe not quite as terrible?

The biggest problem really lies with the fact that regardless, EPTS 1 will have to be their choice to use. Especially 2 if they want the least amount of time between them.

But I remember a lot of folks were saying that cruisers wouldn't have the turn to keep the weakened shield facings away. Now with the RCS changes, they might have a better turn so it wouldn't be as large of a problem.

I think that while this is good, it isn't still going to help very much. That cruiser who can't shake the escort off his tail might be turning more, but that escort will also have usage of greater turn possibly, and so it might not really help. Plus the necessity of having to use EPTS 1 because of shared cooldowns doesn't help either.

On top of that, while turning will be less of an issue for cruisers in general, broadsiding in PvP really doesn't help a whole lot still.

One bit of good news for sure though: Single cannon builds will be more viable on more ships. (If you like using those that is).

What do you all think? Are these two changes together not that bad for cruisers, or will little to nothing really change, or maybe even be worse?


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