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We are a very small fleet looking to open up and have a few new members join. ( T3 SB, T3 Shipyard, T3 industrial fab in the works, T2 Sci, almost ready for T3 expansion... T1 Embassy, T1/T1 almost T2 in recruitment )

Why join this small fleet?

IMO (ive been in some big fleets).. a fleet with 300+ players will never satisfy all of those players needs/wants.. goodluck with provisioning when something new comes out!.. what? Have enough provisions? but not enough fleet credits! and people always seem to fill up the projects quickly preventing you from getting any!? ... Not here! .. plenty of provisions.. and we all have 1.5mil+ creds each.. so feel free to donate! We can wait!

No pressure! - come and go as you please..

Very Helpful! - I've been playing for almost 3 years now.. plenty of insight to share!.. along with gear and help with any mission.

No Drama! - Drama will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Mature! - No talk about body parts here.. mature adults that enjoy playing this game.. not to be taken so seriously that you need to rage

We basically just want mature people that will mesh with our way of playing, VERY casual, VERY low key.. we do not PVP.. as we do not have all those goodies that T5 fleets have.

And hey, even if you do not want to join us but still want some gear that we can provide, we are more than happy to help you, as long as you help us with donations to projects. Or just donate to help us and get the fleet credits you need!

@vinru821 - for more info

USA Based Fleet... Leaders in EST and PST zones. Most active during evenings and weekends.. as we work .. all are welcome.. new player friendly

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