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# 1 Nothing but admiration for...
04-24-2013, 11:32 AM
.. I'm thinking about it.

4 weeks to go. Nothing really new about the KDF revamp over the last two weeks.

Do forgive my language but I just cannot help but exclaim "Damd we KDF players feel taken for granted" . I'm willing to belive that its not an official policy. But it certainly seems an intentional practice at Cryptic. It may be possibly embarassing to the studio, but thats all the more reason to make sure there is ongoing positive information and communication on it. After all, something like 4/5ths of the KDF PvE experience is getting some major re-work, rebuild, remake, and new content. Eh Gad! KDF story might even tie together and make sense when this is all done!

I know that the emphisis is on the Romulans et al, but we KDF players have been waiting since before game launch. Remember, back when everyone was setting unreachable goals that could not be achived by release date? AH those heady days of pre release development when one day some one turns around and relaized..

We are going to have some unhappy customers. We are not going to be able to have the KDF PvE game done by launch. WHo ever thought it was right. KDF players were not real thrilled with the lack of KDF content and were not content with PvP and monster play.

3 years later... well, three years plus. AN expansion with the Romulans.. oh yea we're adding KDF stuff so KDF has a full PvE experiance.

*beating of Bat'leths on a table*

SO, in all the dev blogs about the Romulan stuff could we have a heads up please on the KDF stuff?

Nice job of selling and promotion on the Rommy stuff, and even sounds like great great fun.

But like most KDF players.. the hard core ones, and the casual KDF who have realized the the KDF's "Is that all there is?" is a sad excuse for a MMO faction experience.

Ok, thats it, that all on the old complaints.. Everyone by now knows what they are.

How about some blogs on the KDF changes eh?

Khemaraa sends
"I mean to misbehave" -Malcolm Reynolds

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