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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
Ok, folks, let's please remember that we can disagree with somebody's statement without belittling the person. Even if we strongly disagree, let's keep it civil with our fellow Captains.

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Absolutely. Not only that, if you look at the start of the thread, THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS ONE IS ABOUT!! So why is it necessary?

Seriously, if you want to get into a discussion about the woes of the world, your opinions on the semantics and/or politics of words, and whether or not you agree or disagree with someone's take on something someone says about events OUTSIDE of the game, I am SURE there are plenty of threads out there for you to go to wherein you can insult and bash at will with complete anonymity, and get your fill of whatever the need is to attack your fellow players and make yourself feel important.

Now, can we get back to the original discussion, or should we ask the thread to be closed since it isn't going anywhere but downward?

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Originally Posted by clannmac View Post
Now, can we get back to the original discussion, or should we ask the thread to be closed since it isn't going anywhere but downward?
Terilynn Shull did a fantastic analysis of "Legacy of Romulus"; thus, she has charged my interest in playing the new expansion.

What hung me up was this:
Ultimately, the colony has been destroyed. Everything is lost and everything was ruined by the Tal Shiar. The Tal Shiar have taken to killing and kidnapping innocent Romulans. Merely by defending his colony, the player is tagged as a terrorist by Tal Shiar General Hakeev. There is no choice. It's either fight the Tal Shiar or die.
After Cryptic's blogs put my concerns to rest, I went out to buy two twenty-dollar Perfect World cards. I think Cryptic did a fantastic job on this expansion. You can see Cryptic's hard work on display in the screen shots. Excellent work. I am engaged as a player and "Star Trek" fan. I bought my zen, and I am ready to go.

When I first left my original post, I was coming off the heat of recent events. Cryptic cannot control the events that take place outside; therefore, the timing of everything was out of everyone's hands. I am extremely mad about the terrorist attacks, so I am confronting the issue at full force.

Now, having your character being called a terrorist was a bit mind blowing. If we were going to save the universe from terrorists, I think the motivational drive of the character would be more rewarding. I did some further thinking, and I remembered a scene from "Star Trek: IV". As Kirk was on trial for violating the prime directive, the representative of the Klingon empire called him a murderer and terrorist. Once you put the word into that context, you begin to see how its usage makes sense.

It just caught me off guard.

FYI - I logged into my Federation-Tribble character, and I completely love how the UI was redesigned. Everything is starting to feel like "Star Trek". I hope I can eventually play the beta. Thank you Cryptic.

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