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# 1 Aux2Batt Nerf Rumor
04-24-2013, 09:48 PM
There's a rumor running rampant that aux2batt will share its cooldown with EPtX abilities. It's not documented anywhere and aux2batt cruiser pilots are freaking out especially myself, so someone please confirm if this is coming or not and we can put it to rest.

Personally I pretty much fly only aux2batt cruiser builds and am not happy considering the prospect of all my builds becoming nonviable for PvP. I run my 2 aux2batts on keybinds, so if this change occurs it would mean having to keep track of an extra 2 abilities while deciding if I will need EPtS in the next few seconds, thats just ridiculous, and really not necessary considering the state of cruisers. What does the auxiliary system have to do with emergency power that it would require a shared cooldown? It doesn't make sense so I think its just a BS rumor, but if its true...

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