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# 1 ground map obstacles
04-10-2013, 05:25 PM
i have been noticing on a few ground maps the sudden appearance of some sort of "natural" obstacle that wasn't in the map previously:

Saturday's Child: in the final stretch where you escort the prisoner, on the road that finally leads to the chieftain, there is a stone arch with one of its ends planted firmly in the road

Under the Cover of Night: there is a molten rock blocking the road leading west from the beam-in site'

Preemptive Strike: in the last road leading to the transport inhibitor, there is another stone arch with an end planted firmly in the road:
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EDIT: Forgot to mention that the Saturday's Child obstacle is an issue in Holodeck. My bad.

I can confirm the Saturday's Child obstacle (while escorting the princess). In fact, in my case, it actually halted further progress because she got stuck in the middle of the object in permanent battle with the Klingons (yes, she couldn't die either). Per support's suggestion, I exited and re-entered the instance. The object was still there, but I got lucky and she glitched and went around, and the Klingons followed her out of the object.

Video of problem:

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