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Bugs so far (as of april 21st build)
-No engine trail on t'liss light warbird
-when klingon allegiance is accepted, klingon effects for transporters, hailing, transwarping and warping appear instead of romulan effects
-on beam down screen, boffs display both space and ground abilities.
-mission: memory lane: Mau's ship is the r.r.w hyperian, yet it displays as a federation vessel. (on replay, it displayed as a different federation vessel)
-mission: memory lane: Commander makus breifly was displayed as a female, rather than a male.
-":": Dialog "There must be weapons somewhere..." is out of character for the mission, inconsistent with the supposed disbelief of the tal'shiar operative
-mission: an inside job: k'men dialog contains a typo: Planes, instead of plans.
-":": tal'mera's dialog is typo ridden.
-transwarping alternates between klingon and federation effects in sector space
-mission: revelation: tovan khev dialog typo there -> their
-":": Taris dialog serious spell and grammar check
-":":cutscene dialog check heavily needed
-mission: temporal ambassador: tasha yar refers to romulan player as allied faction, rather than romulan
-":":Bug at final cutscene, where the character cannot be transferred.
-mission: neutral no more was offered again, with exp rewards increased
--on replay, nausicaan pirate will not become a hostile target, preventing advancement in mission
-missions enemy action and sleepers are unavailable for replay

as of april 22nd build

-Boff portraits are not stable, they switch between different boffs or random assorted races from allied faction
-hirogen in price of neutrality address player as a federation dog even if allied to klingon faction
-traits for Boffs do not display correctly/at all
-mission:tradecraft: does not scale up rewards for a replay

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