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04-25-2013, 11:47 AM
Already posted somewhere, but maybe a Dev can have a look at it here:

- All the Boffs are listed in the order of their joining. I do have all three professions/departments mixed with each other. Now looking at the Doff system, each Doff is listed under it's own profession and department. I know not every player has more than 10 Boffs under his/her command, but it would be nice anyhow to have them sorted.

And it would be also easier when attaching Boffs to a Bridge Station, Away Team, or Head of Department.

- That brings me to another wish I have concerning Boff attaching: When I attach a Boff to a neutral station (Universal Bridge Slot, Away Team), and I have a higher Boff count, I only have the name on the drop-down menue, but not it's profession. So when browsing through the whole Boff list, it would be nice to see a little window showing the current selected Boff, or at least it's profession and abilities.

- Ground Kits attachable to Boffs.

- Off-Duty uniforms for Boffs.

- A second weapon slot for Tac Boffs.

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