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04-25-2013, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Pretty sure it does, if I remember my testing of it correctly (yes, I bought it just to test it)

While there is a moderate opportunity cost to run TI on an escort, there is literally zero cost to run it in a sci/wells. Either way it's too powerful -- the only true "I-Win" button in the game, worse even than siphon drones, and needs to be nerfed relentlessly.
I do agree that Temporal Inversion really comes alive only time ships. Regular ships don't gain TI's massive turn rate and attack speed boosts -- they only gain the AoE 10 second cooldown delay.

It TI an I-Win Button? Hard to tell... I was dueling a fleet HEC a few nights ago in a Mobius, and although I won the first few matches, his fighter spam and 4 polaron DHC's eventually killed me 4x vs. my 3 victories. He was able to survive multiple TI-field locks while stuck in a Theta Radiation Cloud... I'm guessing he simply swapped in Antiproton resist gear and AP-Omega to compensate. Lag was also very bad for both of us, so results were inconclusive.

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