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We are looking for more people to join us in the fleet We are a casual fleet you focus on having fun and getting to know new people.

please visit your site for more info/invite

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04-26-2013, 05:55 AM
Still recruiting. Join today.
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The Blood Sworn Coalition which is Part Of The Bsc Gaming Community, Is Proud To Announce we are having a new recruitment drive for our Fleet within game..

We would like to point out that even though the main bulk of the fleet are based within the UK we welcome players from ALL around the world so please do not be put off by the prospect of being part of the fleet...

How Do I Join

We Have An In-game Chat Channel! Open Up Your Chat Tab, Click On Channels, And Then Type In BSC To Come And Have A Chat If You're Interested In Joining, Or Just Generally Hang Out With Us! Or Visit Our Forum

so we welcome anybody you would like to join us please look up Alitok@agkratos11 when I am online for more info/invite or visit the community site.

At www.bsc-community.com

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