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Many think of them currently as a 1/2 faction and i cant blame them. But set that aside for a moment and consider this as a solution.

Instead of completely seperating the roms from fed/kdf atm, which i doubt the devs could do. When a Rom joins a fed/kdf fleet the romulans get a different fleet base warp point. It gives them a romulan starbase with all the holding fuctions of the main Fed/KDF one. Think of it as a 2 in 1.

The romulan starbase is built side by side with the main faction one from the same resources. The fleet isnt getting 2 starbases its basicly the same base but 2 locations. Add Romulan elite fleet plasma weapons to the vendors and restrict buying them to romulan faction characters.

Rom toons donate to main starbase. Main faction gets its base built, roms get their base built. Its win win. Factions maintain the "appearance" of seperation. Fleets dont have to start from square one on another base.

The devs would have to add all the special projects/etc art assets for this to work but its by far the easiest and fastest solution to a complex problem.

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Or Romulan players can just hang out in the Embassy portion of the base, and only go into the FED/KDF protion of the base when they need something from the store....ships you can get at teh Romulan flotilla or New Romulus command base.

Just saying if it bugs people so they can avoid it as much as possible.

I mean really, i always see on these forums people saying they never go to their base....sooo there we go.
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04-26-2013, 05:16 PM
I spend a lot of time at mine (I have admin duties there )

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