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# 1 No reason work with your team.
04-26-2013, 06:50 PM
For the purposes of this post, I did not want to post right away, as I was rather angry. I went into a elite stf space Khitomer vortex. Not to difficult just takes some common sense. Well it started out good. Then of course we had two escorts, that of course, decided lets pull argo and blow up everything in sight. Of course we ended up spawning three elite cubes. Team got wiped. Next the one escort decides lets attack the gate, ignore the probes, while its still shielded. Result took a heck of allot longer then it should have to bring the gate down. It got so bad that seven probes got through. Its not like this stf is the elite hive in space.

My point with the reputation these guys can wipe over and over again, and if they don't get the bonus done no biggie to them. All they have to do is grind the rep. SO there is no reason to do it right. I had the same problem during the easiest elite stf of them all infected. After taking down the shield gen for the gate, again a escort decided whats waste time blasting away at the gate. People have made posts on why rep has made things worse for stfs, and why the old way was better. They have said things way better then I could ever hope to. If there is no point to try, then your going to have more poor players drag down a team, and waste there time on something that could be done a heck of allot easier. I know accidents do happen, and I know the difference between someone making an oops and screwing over the team on purpose.

Cryptic your about to launch legacy of the Romulans. I know what your intent was for the reputation, what I just described is one porblem, that the reputation has created. Not to mention very few people ever do the ground. From what I am seeing in space, I dont think I would dare try to do the ground stfs. The ground stfs are a pain in the but, like all ground combat. The game needs a hard point somewhere. Sweeping half the end game content under the rug by using rep does not help maters. It certainly is not telling players hey get with the program learn the stfs. I did not do elites my first times out, I wanted to learn the stfs first, before heading onto elite. Like I said there is no reason for these bad players to care, while they drag everyone else down hill.

Yes I have posted before with my issues on the rep, this to me at least is a new experience, that was rare, and is now common.

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