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Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
Here is an odd takeaway from the OP... Why not make Feds and Klingons able to team together and go to each other's home bases and the like? I mean... Are they seriously at war? They fight together against the Borg, Tholians, Mirror Universe, and maybe in the future the Iconians. They are helping the Romulans together... The fact is I have not seen any actual Klingon war with the Feds for a LONG time. Even in the Klingon Fleet missions do you really see Feds? You see Mirror Feds and Rival Klingons... Why don't you see tons of Fed ships? Because the War is a joke.
problem here is that the Klingons only fight besides the feds when there is a threat that is bigger then both sides and the majority of feds and kdf are none the wiser about STF group omega because it's classified. so the idea of seeing klingons on esd or feds on qo'nos would be very confusing, perhaps even inciting both sides to think that something is wrong since the war is still going on stronger then ever.
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