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04-27-2013, 12:03 AM
Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
Here is an odd takeaway from the OP... Why not make Feds and Klingons able to team together and go to each other's home bases and the like? I mean... Are they seriously at war? They fight together against the Borg, Tholians, Mirror Universe, and maybe in the future the Iconians. They are helping the Romulans together... The fact is I have not seen any actual Klingon war with the Feds for a LONG time. Even in the Klingon Fleet missions do you really see Feds? You see Mirror Feds and Rival Klingons... Why don't you see tons of Fed ships? Because the War is a joke.
problem here is that the Klingons only fight besides the feds when there is a threat that is bigger then both sides and the majority of feds and kdf are none the wiser about STF group omega because it's classified. so the idea of seeing klingons on esd or feds on qo'nos would be very confusing, perhaps even inciting both sides to think that something is wrong since the war is still going on stronger then ever.
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04-27-2013, 12:21 AM
This is a lost battle, I see it, waiting for the next big Fed content update and everybody will be happy in STO, nice .
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04-27-2013, 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by fernandojimenez View Post
Romulans are not a real faction, we are Fed or KDF mercenaries. We can't play Romulan episodes together.

Sad, very sad .
I'm at the point where i call it an species unlock with a huge epic Origin Story (something that all other non default Species are lacking, i'd let a Vulcan start at Vulcan and let him play the first 10 levels there, so he doesn't feel 1:1 like a Caitian or Ferengi)

Origin Stories are awesome for replayability... but Endgame is the exact same.

Lets assume for just a moment they would release a Cardassian Faction now, instead of the Romulan Faction.

Once the first 1 - 49 levels are forgotten, you sit at Endgame and work for the FEDs... in your Galor Class... with a DS9-ish looking UI... Cardy DOffs, Cardy BOffs, some extra powers and special weapons....
Now where exactly is the difference to just simply using a LockBox Ship, with an Alien Gen Char Cardy, Alien Gen Char BOffs that look like Cardies, DOffs from the Officer Exchange/Exchanges etc. ... by that definition i'm already flying a Cardassian FACTION Captain, a Ferengi FACTION Captain and a Dominion FACTION Captain.

The more factions there are, the more silly the idea of shoveling everyone into FED+KDF RED and BLUE will become.
So in 10 Years when we are done with the obvious candidates and the game is still going strong... and Borg / Unding Factions become a topic... will we ally THEM to the FED/KDF too???

While i think it is awesome what they delivered, i wish they would at least tell us definately that that they at least PLAN to improve the Faction by separating them step by step.

And most of all, if the Romulan Faction no matter the ally has identical Mission Journals, just let them team up and play together!
FEDs and KDFs can join Romulan Allies in their missions, so you can play with your friends who don't roll a Romulan... but you can't play with your Friends who DO roll a Romulan and press the other button?

You do not want to fracture the Playerbase from FED+KDF into a third faction? ok i get that, it is all still experimental and you don't know if enough players will even play Romulans (of course they will, what else is there to do? Nukara Rep? oh please...) but yet they are instantly fracturing the Romulan Faction into Fromulans and Kromulans at level 10.

Very twisted logic...

It isn't THAT hard to let FED+KDF just team up together to make this a non-issue.
You can still lock out FEDs from pure KDF content and the other way around...
We can team up together for a lot of Endgame Content already, by queue.
Now go the extra step and let us team up in a "TEAM".

Feds+KDFs wanted that for Borg Red Alerts / Defera / Nukara / Eppoh Tagging for a while now anyway.
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04-27-2013, 01:56 AM
The Romulans are getting more stuff KDF ever has.
That they are a mini faction does not hurt them either.
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04-27-2013, 01:58 AM
OP I completely agree with you.

When you drill past all the fluff (Ships, missions etc.) at its core this will still be a 2 faction game, Red vs Blue, there is no Green team.

Originally Posted by dastahl
What this means is that Romulans who have selected different allies will be unable to team for specific episodes in the Romulan storyline, but will be able to team for events and fleet actions where cross-faction teaming is allowed.
By Dstahl's own admission, once you pick an ally, you are no longer considered part of the same faction, you become nothing more then a sub-faction of the other 2 (Just with a few shiny bells and whistles to make you look different).

If the Romulans are a third faction, why do they need cross-faction teaming permissions to play together? Neither the KDF or the Federation have this restriction. Yet the Romulans are being divided by the line that separates the Federation and KDF into factions.
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04-27-2013, 02:16 AM
Romulans aren't a faction. They are two who share much of the same content. Saying that they are just mercenaries for KDF and Feds is unfair since they have an exclusive storyline and don't simply play missions of the other faction. The split is unfortunate but not really that bad. If you want to play with your friends you have to decide which faction you want to play. Or heck, you don't even have to decide. Leveling goes so quickly you can easily do one for each subfaction. I'm going to do a Federation Romulan with a T'Varo and a KDF Reman (if their women get proper noses, otherwise maybe a liberated Borg Romulan) with a T5 Valdore.
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04-27-2013, 02:20 AM
After this expansion (and barring another faction expansion in the future); we won't be seeing much more 'faction specific' (aka Fed/KDF/Rom) mission content for STO. They specifically designed this so that, going forward, all new mission content (which will be primarily end-game, or set after the 'Cloaked intentions' FE series - which is the point where ALL mission content is faction shared) will be playable by all the Factions in the game.

For the most part, going forward 'Faction Specific' content is dead (and honestly, that's the way all MMO quest content usually works after a specific level.)

This Expansion/Content Update was to get all the currently existing (and new Romulan) factions up to mission leveling content parity (as far as Cryptic sees it); so they can more 'shared' content playable by all the factions going forward (which they see as a better/more efficient use of their development resources.)

So, what are Feds getting: More opportunity and a small incentive (mission content wise), to make a non-Fed faction Alt. A tenant of Cryptic's MMO design strategy dating back to their "City of Heroes" days is to make it enticing to roll a bunch of Alt characters for a given MMO.
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04-27-2013, 03:05 AM
well by not making them a proper 3rd faction they have only made themselves future problems.

it's pretty stupid that people in the same faction wont be able to team with each other because 1 went fed and 1 went kdf. makes them not a faction at all. faction should be a unified group with the same goals. the 'romulan republic' is far from that. it's just as splintered and fractured as the rse is. but on a grander scale. they have actually sided with other external groups. it's just carved the romulans up good and proper.
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04-27-2013, 03:11 AM
Damn i read "naked" but nothing naked here.

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Originally Posted by fernandojimenez View Post
This is a lost battle, I see it, waiting for the next big Fed content update and everybody will be happy in STO, nice .
Oh please, with every release there is always one group or another screaming and freaking out about something or another. The day something is released that makes everyone happy is the day the world will most likely implode, Santa will marry a flying pig and hell will become a prime vacation destination.
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