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04-27-2013, 11:50 AM
thank you blue geek, that was very insightful! however I am forced to keep arguing for full movement on the grounds that ship maneuver is drastically altered by this fact. I can't execute certain tactics. for instance if im taking damage and I see some debris/rock nearby that offers quick cover, I might not make it in some cases because the games engine won't let me. also I like tactics like diving out of the sun, or going straight up thru asteroid belts to assault the soft underbelly of my foe. these are the stories that could make STO the greatest game ever imagined in terms of Star Trek. never forget that time pirates shot up my Miranda and it took me 3 hours to limp home from the Klingon border, who are GENUINELY at war with us. all with just a few tweaks because STO is so close to perfect!!! that's what will make STO commercials on every TV channel! great stories!

also on a side note 10km to be in weapons range isn't enough it really should be about 15km or so with us being able to see out to 25-30km or so.
Lyndon Brewer: 20% chance to capture enemy ship for 60 seconds on successful use of boarding party.

cause sometimes its party time!

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