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I always love shield effects, from Star Trek to Stargate shield effects and everything in between, including shield effects from sins of a solar empire, and from the Carters Addon Pack For Gmod.

But the shields in STO seem too generic and universal, I always wanted to see different shield effects for different shields, and that pulse effect we see when weapons hit shields able to be toggled off.

For different shield effects I always imagined the following.

Covariant-Static bubble, no movment nor ripple effect like now, but instead a simple forcefield apears when weapons hit.

Regen-Same as the way the borg shield looks but blue.

Standard-Standard as what we have now, but changes color based on faction.

Resilient- Green Grid-like pattern displays.

Omega-Honeycomb shape patterns with gold tints.

Aegis- Static Blue but with circle patterns and a rotating pulse as if shields were being buffed.

Honor Guard- Red Static with a unique emblem shape on the forward section, depicting the Klingon Empire symbol.

M.A.C.O.- Blue with Federation Symbol as its forward emblem.

I would also like to see shields toggle capable so we can see the shields even out of combat and without impact.
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04-27-2013, 10:07 AM
Got my vote.
Originally Posted by atlmykl View Post
What is more desirable, being the designer for a limited edition ship envied by many or the designer of a ship handed to every self-entitled weenie that ever said MINE! MINE!?
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04-27-2013, 10:38 AM
Well considering most people get tons of slowdown when too many hangar pets are used in a space battle I don't think this is practical. I mean think about it, there are 20 player fleet actions so that's at minimum 20 sets of extra shield rendering effects to do. Now say 50% have carriers with 12 fighters each, that's another 120 extra effects ontop of the 20 we had. Now say we have elite yellowstones that spew out warp plasma too...lots of extra effects to cause slow down.

It's a nice idea and it would be really good to have but it would cause a lot of slowdowns.
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04-27-2013, 10:55 AM
Doesn't Aegis already have it's own shield effects?

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