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# 1 dmg types. plasma the best?
04-27-2013, 06:21 PM
i bring up this point in hope that some one that knows a thing or two about this kinda thing.
plasma seems to be the best dmg type from what ive read and seen. that being said i will bring some points to light.

1: set bonus romulan thing that while its only 7,9% still is extra dmg modifier.
2: ontop of that set some science consoles also give a bonus to plasma dmg.
3: ontop of the set and the science consoles you still have your tactical consoles to add in.

so i ask. is plasma the most viable pve dmg type? some people say "hey polaron is awesome sauce" to them i say omg a 25 drain every once in a while what ever will i do.... pop a device.
some people also say tet is the best. and that i can see but i would need to see some solid numbers before i make fun of it.

also sorry for the bad English skills still working on it. ^_^

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