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04-27-2013, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by officelife View Post
You people are being trolled, big time...

...Ok, well he is either trolling you or moonlights as a AM talk radio host...
Poe's law, man. Poe's law.
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04-28-2013, 01:45 AM
All Quotes Originally Posted by thlaylierah
I own a Dodge truck and after making some venison goulash of one of the dumber bucks in the area I had a headlight replaced at the dealership because I was still under warranty.
YOU hit a deer and gnarled up your ride. Where was your head stuck that you were unaware of it's presence? Blame the dead deer for your lousy driving. Classy. The way you tell the story someone of limited intellect might mistake you for some kind of hero.

Little did I know they were secretly thieves replacing OEM parts with cheap knockoffs. Mechanics being one of my hobbies, I caught them at it. They gave me a new headlight assembly which I found was a mislabeled Durango headlight assembly. When I went to return it they refused to give me the correct parts. I casually mentioned to a lawyer friend on one of my beats what they had done.
You seem overly conscious of branding (Dodge, Durango, Some imaginary Andorian Phaser thingy). I doubt you know much about mechanics beyond knowing it wasn't the high end status symbol you needed to fill your empty place. They tried to dupe you? Why? Could be the incoherent manner suffused with know-it-all that begs for a good fleecing? Then you sulked and did some chest thumping about a lawyer friend. I see a pattern here screaming entitlement that most people only reach on the internet. You're already living the dream why bother posting this here?

I now not only have racing headlights, but a waver from the city to have said headlights and that dealership? Well there's an empty lot there now.
Again bragging about exceptions and special privileges that show what a special person you are (that remark about your whining being intellectual was priceless and people not understanding your rambling being dumber than you are; comic gold.). You probably get a lot of "wavers" from people who know you; probably the one fingered kind. Bad things happen when you don't get your way. Ominous. Someone might drown in your tears.

Cool story bro. Have fun racing your dodge. Hopefully your new fangled racing headlights will help you see those stupid deer.
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04-28-2013, 12:03 PM
Oh, I love these threads. Another pretentious player moaning about a nerf, which most people have admittedly said doesn't feel like its had any effect to them.

Think of your STO life this way: if you can manage to get a fleet up to Tier 2 solo, you can sure as hell afford to join another fleet for 10 minutes and buy the weapons there if you really must have them now since you're so put out despite a refund. Hell I'd even let you join the fleet I'm in to buy them for no charge since its only T2 gear. You're not only trying to convince folks here you're out of pocket somehow, you're arguing against fundamental game mechanics you don't seem to understand because you choose to run a solo banking fleet. I'm guessing your ideal solution here would be for branflakes and the rest of the devs to get down on their knees, apologise, give you 10 million dilithium and a completed T5 fleet just for the giggles but I have this weird feeling in my stomach that won't happen. Since you'll have completed your project by now you more than likely won't care and have paid out for the gear but hopefully this thread and the responses you've had will remind you in future to stop moaning about the small things - after all, you got your refund and you're not out of pocket over 100k dilithium.

Tl:dr - another generic comment about how your moaning in unjustified, you should grow up and enjoy the game based on how you've chose to play it.

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Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post
I have yet an even better comparison!

It's like you wanted a Romulan Faction and now you have to buy the D?deridex you were looking forward to in a $124.00 Legacy Pack.

I give it to Cryptic, they are consistent. Please enjoy your Legacy Cough Drop packs.

"Socialism is the equal sharing of misery." _Winston Churchill

You don't have to buy a D'deridex at all, only the c store version. The normal version is an 80k dil purchase or a ship token you get from promotion.  1388936372
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05-01-2013, 12:46 PM
Does it not mention in the T&Cs that Cryptic/PW are entitled to modify and change things in the game, including stats, performance and prices? (Its normally a small print).

I must admit though, if you think the starbase projects and upgrades are hard and stupid in the amount of resources they require at the level yours is at, wait until you hit 3,4 and 5. Over a million Dil anyone? 9 day upgrade, thousands of replicatable materials. More DOffs than you can poke a wobbly DOff stick at.

I think the OP will die of a heart attack, then try and sue Cryptic for it using his obviously high powered lawyer friend!
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Originally Posted by horridperson View Post
YOU hit a deer ................bably the one fingered kind. Bad things happen when you don't get your way. Ominous. Someone might drown in your tears.

Cool story bro. Have fun racing your dodge. Hopefully your new fangled racing headlights will help you see those stupid deer.
Nobodies lawyer friend got them a pass to be illegal on the road. No dealer repaired collision damage as warranty work(and insurance companies are generally not required to pay for OEM replacements). Life doesn't work that way.

You're right, though, it was a cool story. Lots of folks bought it as a genuine analogy.
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# 67 Very hypothetical
05-06-2013, 03:17 AM
Seeing as EULA clearly states that the user (you) has no ownership of any virtual items in the game it seems rather irrelevant.
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Can I ask how they nerfed the phasers?
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Originally Posted by atticusmas View Post
Can I ask how they nerfed the phasers?
When they were added to the Dilithium store, they were given Mark XII stats, even though all other Dilithium weapons in the store have Mark XI stats. So in a later patch, they changed the stats to Mark XI, but gave anyone who purchased them before the change the option to return the weapons for the full Dilithium cost they paid for it.
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I am going to ignore the whole nerf/refund thing and go for his complaint on his starbase, he is complaining that it costs that many resources? wait until hes working on lvl 4+ and the everyday projects much less the big upgrades.

Anyway nerf then refund, smile and be happy! plenty of MMO's just nerf even if it was a mistake and not offer anything.

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