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# 1 Mentoring/Sidekicking
04-29-2013, 07:48 AM
I'm a recently returning player. I haven't played it quite sometime. With all the changes that have taken place I'm finding the game fresh and fun again. Now, I'm trying to get a friend to play. My question is, is there a mentoring/sidekick mechanism in this game?

I'd rather not start a new character just for playing with my friend while leveling, as I have put time and effort into this one. However, I'd like to group and have fun with my friend. If I do group, is she going to take any penalties? Reduced rewards like loot or SP?

We tried grouping last night and while we had fun, in one of the PvE events someone complained at the end about not getting any SP because a high level was there. I must admit we didn't pay attention to that sort of thing because we were just having fun.

So does anyone know of a link to some information about group level ranges or what happens when a high-level groups with a low-level?

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04-29-2013, 09:38 AM
Yes, there is. When in a group, the leader's unit frame will have a button to match their level, and you get a prompt to do so or not when invited to the group.

It works both ways, you can match them up to your level or down to theirs.

It doesn't account for higher level players having more equipment, boff slots, skill points, etc, so when matching up players are often pretty badly outmatched. However, when matching down to their level, you'll be more powerful than them. Either way, you'll do most of the work, however by matching down to their level they won't get destroyed so easily and they'll still be contributing.

There aren't penalties in loot or experience, but the game doesn't care if everyone's getting level appropriate loot, either, which if you consider an issue is only really an issue for you.
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04-30-2013, 08:18 AM
Thank you for the question and answer!

To be clear, "matching up" doesn't actually bring the lower level abilities up to par with the mentor? Likewise, Matching down doesn't reduce the effectiveness of the sidekick's abilities either?
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