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Originally Posted by rudiefix1 View Post
Ok, this is my version of the spacebar bind which makes healing more easy, quicker and effective:

Download the bind at:

So, in this "heal" bind, fill tray 7 with power and offensive abilities you want to cycle.

Tray 8, fill with team heals, like ES, TSS, APD, HE etc

Tray 9, fill with self heals, like evasive, BFI, PH, ramming speed.. but also TT, TSS, APD etc (the team heals)

Here an example:

These abilities in tray 8 are connected to your team mate selecting buttons, the F buttons. Normally, you select yourself by pressing F1 and your first team mate by F2 etc. In my opinion confusing, so I changed it to:

Yourself: Esc
First team mate: F1
Second team mate: F2
Third team mate: F3
Fourth team mate: F4

Its more natural. The 4 team mates together with the F buttons in the right order, and yourself easy accessible by hitting the top left corner button?

So summarized,

spacebar activates abilities in tray 7
F1,F2 F3,F4 , activates abilities in tray 8
escape activates abilities in tray 9

Few notes:

All buttons have also shield distribution. You need to hit the buttons a few times to activate all abilities. This is due to activation delays (usually 0.5 sec). The bind is designed such a way that the order of activation goes from the left to the right (thus tray 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 etc), so order your tray likewise.

Place the bind file in following directory: C:\Users\Public\Games\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live (Or same cryptic directory in your program files)

Use following command to activate your bind by typing in your chat window: /bind_load_file healbind.txt
I added the command to increase your target's buff icons to my bind. New download link:

After replacing the file in your STO/live directory, you may need to enter the load command for your bind file again while in space: /bind_load_file healbind.txt

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