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04-29-2013, 05:00 PM
Hello everyone,

We are a new fleet looking for some new members. We are looking primarily for low level (lvl 30 or less) players who are just starting out and want to have a few friends who can help them rank up. Not to say we are not looking for end game capable players, it is just a preference. We run the gambit of gamers, from heavy MMO players to FPS'ers. We have players who are knowledgeable in a variety of different areas. From STF to PvP builds, to eccentric ship builds. We also have members who have extensive familiarity with farming both EC and Dilithium.

We currently have substantial progress made on both our Starbase and Embassy for time we have been active. We are looking for new recruits who want to learn and be part of a group bigger than themselves. We are not an RPG fleet, but we do like to have set rank system in place. The more you put into the fleet and play with us, the more we will give back to you.

There is a trial phase, mostly to weed out the bank robbers out there. So be prepared for that.

The main rules are: 18 years old or older please, No racism or any of that BS. We also maintain a TS3 server that is administrated by our senior members, again this is only of you are over 18. If you want in please let us know. The Senior fleet members are @Archeastor, @corporalmac, @rainmotorsports, @kublakhan81, @Setsuna.F.Seiei, or @privatenormie. Please feel free to email or pm us in game if you are interested in joining.
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05-01-2013, 12:36 AM
As Archeaster has said we are moving pretty fast. We tend to finish all of our projects on both the embassy and starbase within a few hours at the most.

We have existed for 3 weeks. Today we started and filled out Tier 2 starbase upgrade, in 2 hours no less. Our Tier 2 upgrades for the Embassy start in a couple more days. Our primary goal at this point is reaching Tier 5 as fast as possible. The further we get in the harder it is for a newer smaller group to complete the goal of finishing every project everyday in a timely fashion.

We have several public members (not in our community) and are always looking for more. As we have more to offer the world I hope we can find more players to grow with us.

Our teamspeak 3 server is run by our gaming community. But as Archeaster mentions I am a Head Admin within the community and my job is maintaining that server (we host our own in a data center) among others. The availability is a by product of this fleet being founded by the gaming community so the rules for it are the general rules from the community.

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