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# 1 RPHX Risen Phoenix
05-01-2013, 09:37 PM
The Brotherhood of The Risen Phoenix [A.K.A RPHX Risen Phoenix] is currently recruiting new members to join our fleet. We are a casual laid-back fleet and understand real life comes first. We do have some general requirements: 18+ (17 if mature after 90day probation)
use TeamSpeak3 to communicate on game events such as PVE, PVP and RPHX War-Games.
Fleet name:
Federation: RPHX Risen Phoenix
Klingon: RPHX Dark Phoenix
Fleet level 14, Tier 2 New Romulan Embassy and Tier 4 Federation Fleet Base
All new members will start-off as Enlisted and will require probation, activity on forums, game, TS3 to move up rank by appropriate officer.
We also play; SWTOR, League of Legends, Eve, and others.

interested contact me via in game mail at @aidenLACA



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