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Here are some issues I feel are important enough to make a thread about.

I'm unsure if this is specifically a UI issue, a Systems issue or a Programming issue (or probably interconnected among these team's areas).

1) In the UI on holodeck now, and on Tribble.

When you go to:

Ship > Status > Defense

The Shield Regeneration Rate only works for some shields (ex: Borg) and not for others (ex: MACO).

This should be functional for all shield types, perhaps its a technical limitation or an oversight?


2) All of those neat little bits of information like Defense score, Critical Hit, Resistances, Shield Regen, etc.

This information is buried deep within menus and submenus.

City of Heroes had an option to open a tiny window that allowed you to choose specific combat statistics to display permanently on the HUD.

As much as it's interesting to look at the faces of one's Bridge Officers, it's much more useful to see your current combat statistics such as Defense, Accuracy, Hull Resistance, Shield Resistance, Shield Regen, etc., in real time on the HUD.

This would be a really amazing feature for STO.


3) Shield Resistances are not displayed in the UI , it is one of the many mystery statistics that also happens to be critical to performance and understanding performance.

I really think that this stat should be visible somewhere in the UI.

Career Officer
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 3,400
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05-02-2013, 08:03 AM
Reserved for potential updates.


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