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# 1 Help With DOFFS?
05-01-2013, 09:05 AM
So I've been playing STO since launch, and I'm just getting back into it. After the huge "Dan Stahl" getting fired fiasco, I decided to avoid the drama out of game, and in game for a while. Now, after being away for a couple months, I'm being introduced to these "Duty Officers." I've got no idea what they're for, only that I can send them on missions, and that an item I have obtained from a Fleet DoFF Pack will allow me to craft a purple Mk XII if I have a ton of DoFFs with a certain passive trait. Could someone please explain to me how to get specific DoFFs, and how the whole DoFF system works? Thanks!
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# 2
05-01-2013, 09:36 AM
I'm guessing you picked up a powered/unpowerd artifact, which has the possibility of becoming a purple MkXII console. 5 or 6 DOffs with the Resolve trait, preferably engineers with cunning(?) or efficient(?). You can access the mission from the engineering section of your bridge.

To get specific DOffs you'd have to try the exchange, otherwise it's grind 'til you get what you want.
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# 3 Doff Help
05-01-2013, 10:05 AM
First I would recommend you read the Wiki on doffs
This link both explains what Doffs purpose is, as well as can provide additional links to how to acquire (often incomplete data) doffs from means other than the exchange.

Then I would also recommend this is a google doc with duty officer missions, the good ones anyway and the chains.

I agree with the previous poster, you probably have a Strange Alien Artifact, which will need to be powered up with 1 each of all 10 particle traces (go to your bridge, then engineering, then science officer Special Project ~> Infuse Alien Artifact) - once it is powered up you can then use it to made a Console from your special projects under your Engineering Officer. This requires 5 Doffs, has 42 console possibilities and each can be uncommon, rare, or very rare. In other words unless you want to invest (say 25M EC for 5 Very Rare Doffs with +1 trait) and make a habit out of crafting these consoles you may be better off selling the artifact on the exchange for about 700K give or take depending on market.

Often you can find a Fleet Mate to craft the console for you, sometimes for free, sometimes for a small fee either based on the outcome, or a flat upfront regardless of outcome. If you're not in a fleet, mail me and you're more than welcome to join the fleet I am a part of, or if you're not interested in being in a fleet, mail me anyway and I would be happy to discuss console crafting prices.


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# 4
05-01-2013, 10:28 AM
Awesome, thank you both for the answers. I think I'll just sell it on the AH for the 1.3mil others are listed as.
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# 5
05-01-2013, 08:07 PM
Here are some ways of getting doffs that cost no resources except time:

-At Starfleet Academy there is a Vulcan in the middle of the courtyard, a Human in the middle of the open circular building, and an Andorian and Tellarite behind the open circular building. You can run missions to get doffs from these NPC's once every two days.

-There are "Consular" chain missions (x/4) that when completed gives you a repeatable mission to exchange officers in the three main Cardassian sectors for four different races. If you use doffs with the right traits you can usually up-trade the quality of your officer. Don't bother with the (x/3) missions as they have no benefit that I can see.

-In each nebula/expanse/cluster/etc. there are "Colonial" chains (x/7) that when completed gives you a blue Doff, and also a repeatable mission that when you crit it, you will get a purple Doff. These Doffs are bound, and they are specific to each nebula.

-When you do the above Colonial repeatable, you will get a refugee on success or crit. Use this refugee in asylum missions, such as asylum on Andor (found in Andor space and Sirius), Earth (found on ESD, Sol, and Sirius) Vulcan (found in Vulcan space and Sirius), etc. and in return you will receive a Doff ranging from green quality to purple. These doffs will be of the specific race that the asylum homeworld is linked to. Also, look under Department Heads - Operations for these missions.

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# 6
05-01-2013, 10:02 PM
First and foremost let me tell you that no matter how easy crafting these consoles is in fact it is not. I have 5 Doffs all well suited for the task all with the Efficient trait and they give me a 24/50/24 probability, the fact that it only ads up to 98% means that there are some fractions in there too. Now as someone suggested there are 42 possible outcomes and 4 rarity types on top of that so there are only a select few consoles that are really desirable (Tactical consoles and Neutronium) and then you only have a 24% chance of it being Purple. I have no idea what determines the MK of the Console but all times that I have crafted a Purple console they have been MK XII

I have crafted about 12 consoles using Powered Alien Artifacts and only one of them has been a complete success resulting in a console worth over 40 million. Generally any purple will cover the cost of the price an Artefact will sell for on the exchange but if it turns out Rare or Uncommon then you are probably going to make a loss especially considering the added costs of the Jevonite and Lockets you needed to get the Artefact and then the Particle Traces needed to Power it.

In the long run it should pay off because as I said when it goes right the payouts are huge.

There are several doffs that are good for crafting consoles. The Doffs you need are Engineers and they must have the Resolve trait, the critical success traits are Efficient, Cunning, Stubborn and of course for the best results you want purple doffs!

You can simply buy the doffs you need if you are taking this method then the Doff you want is Egul'clan who is a Jem Hadar Engineer (off hand I think he is a diagnostic Engineer but I am not 100% sure) and he has Resolve and Efficient. Last time I checked he costs about 4.5 million for Fed Toons, significantly more for KDF toons!

I have 5 Egul's

You can Also Get Egul'Clan from the Dominion Duty Officer packs dropped from the Dom Lockbox but these cost about a million on the Exchange and there are no Guarantees!

There are many Exchange Programs and Asylum missions that will give you doffs, the most desirable are Bajoran and Cardassian as these will most often have the traits you need.

The Holy Grail of Doff crafting Doffs is Industrialist Krinda and I say holy Grail because a lot of people question if she actually exists. She is the only Engineer with Resolve and Two of the Critical Traits, Cunning and Efficient and she is Purple Quality. The Wiki says you get her from the Ferengi Privateer/Marauder Cadres however she is extremely rare!!! and these cadres go for a million a pop at times! She is not for sale on the Exchange so if she does Exist she is that rare that so few people get her that sales are mega rare as everyone keeps her or more likely she is bound on pickup!

I hope this helps!
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05-02-2013, 05:16 AM
Thank you for all the excellent information! Especially yours kaahn. A super rare Doff that almost nobody has.. Time for a grind!
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05-02-2013, 08:10 AM
Some of the best are story mission rewards. There's Dathan, a Vorta biochemist that lets you replicate K-White when you put him on active (this goes hand in hand with a Jem Hadar boff you can get from the same mission, giving him the white give him a boost).

If you're a member of a fleet, you can visit your fleet starbase and buy doffs with fleet credits. the type for sale is based upon the level of the base and it's subsections. also the more specific, the more they cost. any white doff is 500 FC. If you want a specific class of white (tac, eng, sci), that's 750.

as you level up the commendation points, you are issued one free doff per level up, for 44 total (22 green, 11 blue and 11 purple). Leveling up in medical, engineering and military allows you to buy, from your repilcator, incressingly better "Emergency (insert profesion here) Hologram". IE, you can buy multiple EMHs.
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