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05-02-2013, 08:52 AM
Hive Onslaught (Elite) - and another reminder of why I seldom bother with it.

The team consisted of:

Me, Sci using Vesta class
A tac using an Aventine
Another tac in a Defiant
A Eng in a Fleet Sovereign
Another sci using a Prometheus

Didn't get off to a good start - the Defiant was a facepalm-worthy Rainbowbeam failboat, and he proceeded to fly off ahead of everyone else, spew Fire at Will & torpedo spread all over the place before the Borg treated it with their usual disdain and it exploded.

The Fleet Sovereign, sadly, seemed to think that the Defiant had the right idea and torp-spread everything too. Received a pounding, but somehow didn't explode and instead limped away with pathetic hull and shield strength remaining. Treated the idiot to my Vesta's Fermion field and continued with my task of assisting the very competent Aventine in trying to manage the cubes.

The Prometheus player was next to useless - flew in, fired his beams at the nearest cube, fired quantum torpeodes and cleared off out of range, returning at random intervals to do the same again. Judging by the fact that he 'wrong chatted' in teamchat twice, seemed like this idiot was too busy having a conversation to participate in the STF.

Probably one of the most iritating HOSE instances ever - the tac cubes wound up sitting on top the the spawn point, and on one of the occasions that I was killed I respawned to find myself literally directly above a tac cube.

Anyway, we somehow managed to despatch the tac cubes, and the two B'ger ships flew in and promptly caused the Defiant to explode again - by this time the player with the Defiant was on at least 70 second respawn, the player in the Fleet Sovereign, whilst at least having a single weapon type (Polaron) was doing worthless damage, though did seem to manage to stay in one piece most of the time, and the Prometheus was still being useless, so myself and the player in the Aventine agreed that there wasn't much point in trying to carry this particular fail-team and bailing would be preferable.

It's a shame that so many instances of HOSE end like this - it seems to take forever for a queue to form a team and even when you do manage to get into a mission, it ends in failure all too often.

Personal T6 Ship Wishlist:
Nova/Rhode Island class with Hybrid Pilot BOFF seat.

That is all. (guess this wasn't really a 'list' after all!)

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