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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
I'm going to extend this challenge for another two weeks If you are going to be making multiple Romulan Republic characters, feel free to break the rules and make additional posts in the entry thread if you'd like to flesh out their background stories.


Brandon =/\=
Wow. I had just realized I had another possible piece, but knew the time limit was almost here and the 'one entry' rule was something I didn't want to violate.

Then I see this, and my writing hand started to twitch uncontollably, just as it was recovering from trying to pound out the first chapter in another piece of ST fiction I hope to post soon.

Thanks, Brandon!
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Originally Posted by awesometific View Post
To: Colonel Hakeev
From: Sub Commander Velka
Re: Transcript from FNN


As expected former Admiral Tilitus Gell is on Earth to gain support for D'Tan and his upstart Republic by enlisted Federation support. This is a transcript from one of their open source news services. It gives fascinating insights on the direction that Gell wants to take the Republic. I believe he seriously wants to use it to challenge Empress Sela.

Begin Transcript

Kathy Swift-"Welcome to tonight's episode of Illuminating the City of Light on FNN. This is Kathy Swift sitting in for Pol Grevia who is away on maternity leave. We here at FFN and the program wish him a swift recover from his delivery."

"With us tonight is acclaimed lecturer and retired Admiral of the former Romulan Star Empire, Tilitus Gell, who is in Paris this week speaking with the Federation council on behalf of the fledgling New Romulan State to encourage diplomatic and economic ties. Admiral Gell, it is a pleasure and welcome to the program."

Tilitus Gell-"It is my pleasure to be here, Kathy and please call me Tilitus, I haven't been in the military for decades."

Swift- "Certainly and again thank you for being on the program. Tilitus, before we discuss your work on behalf of New Romulus I would like to discuss a bit of your past as part of the Romulan Empire. You held a pretty prestigious position in the Star Navy but gave it up shortly after the death of Preator Shinzon. Why did you leave when it looked like Romulus needed you the most?"

Gell- "Well Kathy, Shinzon's coup took many of us in the military by surprise. At the time I was a ranking member of the Tal Diann, that is Romulan Military Intelligence. I took it personally hard since I was one of the ones responsible for the Reman conscription program during the Dominion War. Shinzon and his ambitions slipped through the cracks. I must confess that I felt perhaps if I had been on top of my game and saw the early warning signs Shinzon would not have happened and thus the Empire would not have been thrown into such chaos afterwards. So I retired to Rator III to spend well deserved time with my family"

Swift- "That seems like a harsh assessment seeing how most believe even the Tal Shiar missed the threat of Shinzon."

Gell- "Perhaps but it was more than just Shinzon. The Empire I served and loved was not heading in a direction I felt was the best for the Romulan people. However, my loyalty to the Empire was greater than my own self interest so it was time to turn the reigns over to younger souls than I."

Swift- "So you retired to Rator III and that was where you were when the Hobus Incident happened. Correct?"

Gell- "I don't think that any Romulan forgets where they were when they heard that the heart of the Empire was burned that day. Yes, I was on Rator and just finishing up a sub space call to my eldest son when Romulus was destroyed. Sorvan was commanding a warbird in the Homefleet and was in orbit of Romulus when the wave hit."

Swift- "I am sorry to hear that."

Gell- "He died doing what my family had done for generations, serving the Empire."

Swift- "After Hobus the Empire was really in chaos. From my understanding both Sela and Donatra approached you to rejoin the military on one of their sides. However you refused to come out of retirement. Why?"

Gell- "Donatra represented the direction of Romulus that I was opposed to while Sela let her personal ambitions get the better of her, also she was not pure Romulan. I was not about to get in the middle of their plans. I had given the Empire decades of service as well as the lives of 6 of my 8 children. That was more than enough service."

Swift -"Pardon my saying so Tilitus, but your statement about Sela seems a bit racist."

Gell- "It would seem so, but I did not mean that she was an incapable leader because of her mixed heritage. You have to understand that her desire to be more Romulan than a Romulan and a self loathing of her human ancestry drove her ambition, not a desire for the supremacy of the Romulan people and culture."

Swift- "So if you felt you had given enough to the Empire, why then after so many years would you accept D'Tan's offer to join the colony on New Romulus and become an advocate for it's statehood?"

Gell- "D'Tan approached me and offered me something that neither Donatra or Sela could. He offered me a chance to rebuild the Romulan people not into what they once were but into what they could be. Everyone else was focused on returning to the past glory of the Empire. D'Tan and I will add, myself, believe now is the time for the Romulan people to demonstrate the full meaning of what it is to be Romulan."

Swift -"That is surprising considering that you and D'Tan share a very opposing view on a sensitive subject for the Romulan people. Reunification."

Gell- "That is correct. D'Tan believes in Reunification of the Romulan people with the Vulcans. I believe that it is no possible and not the best future for the Romulan people."

Swift- "And why is that?"

Gell- "The way Reunification is currently understood and taught is the Romulans learn and adopt Vulcan teaching and culture. It is about changing the Romulan people to be more like Vulcans. There is no impetus or requirement that Vulcans learn to embrace and adopt the culture and teaching of the Romulans. For Reunification to be a reality not only must the Romulan people change but the Vulcans as well. The Vulcans are not willing to accept that."

Swift - "So if you oppose D'Tan on one of his core beliefs why join him on New Romulus?"

Gell - "I feel that it is time for the Romulans to become navigators of their own course. Like I said this is not about restoring the past Empire but forging something new. Call it a New Romulan State or Romulan Republic, but it will be new and it will be uniquely Romulan. We have so much to give to the galaxy, but we must stand on our own to do so."

Swift- "That is why you also advocate a middle of the road approach when it comes to the Federation and the Klingon Empire."

Gell- "Yes, by working with both governments and giving allegiance to none we help erase some of the animosity that the Federation and Klingons have built up over the years with us. Also this gives both sides a chance to not look at us as either a threat or pawns to be exploited but partners in a new beginning for our corner of the galaxy."

Swift- "What about threats from Empress Sela that the Romulan Republic will not be allowed to exist?"

Gell- "Well she sees us as a threat to her power and we are. I believe that those partners in peace I just spoke of will have a stake in what she can or cannot do to us."

Swift- "It sounds like you are advocating manipulating the Federation and the Klingon Empire to fight Sela as New Romulus's proxies."

Gell- "Not at all. That is just the reality. The rebirth of the Romulan people is very fragile. Just as it is a threat to the Old Empire it is vitally important to the Federation and the Klingons that we not only survive, but thrive as well."

Swift- "So your participation in D'Tan's government is strictly as a civilian advisor? What about the rumors that you are helping to build a military force for New Romulus?"

Gell- "D'Tan sees the wisdom that New Romulus needs to be able to defend itself. Like I said we are to be partners with the Federation and Klingons, not dependents. As for me any new military force would not need an old Admiral commanding ships, maybe if they open up a position for a 'seasoned' ulan or centurion to polish the plasma torpedos while young Commanders chase after glory, maybe I will sign up."

Swift - "I am sure the last thing a young Commander wants is be ordering a legend to scrub plasma conduits. Tilitus I am afraid that is all we have time for. Please stop by again."

Gell- "Kathy it has been a pleasure. I hope to be seeing more of the Federation very soon and I look forward to speaking with the Federation Council tomorrow."

Swift - "Thank you and we look forward to hearing that speech. Tilitus Gell's speech to the Council will be broadcast tomorrow morning at 9AM. That is all for this segment of Illuminating the City of Lights. Stay tuned for the Starfleet Report and thank you to our guest tonight Tilitus Gell. On behalf of FNN this is Kathy Swift have a wonderful evening and a bright tomorrow."

End Transcript

THIS is awesome... The first post in the challenge. I'll definitely have to go back and read more, but this seems like it should be incorporated into the STO story-line. It makes a VERY compelling justification for how the Romulan Republic is coming about. And plainly gives excellent reasoning for those who keep beating the "But these aren't *REAL* Romulans... Romulans *must be* the RSE!!!1!!1" to open their minds, and start registering the "NEW" Romulans.

Kudos on an excellent story!

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I hope you're all keeping track of patrickngo's story "Pear Shaped"

My friend Frank Grimes features prominently, and his character takes on a fairly interesting development in the latest installment.
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@chivalrybean - interesting start. Looking forward to the conclusion!

@danqueller - another terrific piece of work! I really enjoyed your depiction of the underbelly of Rator III and your "man on the run" story was very entertaining.

@dominionchris - welcome, and great backstory for your character! If I may offer a tip, adding an extra line between paragraphs would make your entry much easier to read.
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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
@chivalrybean - interesting start. Looking forward to the conclusion!
Thanks me too! {:0D

Just updated it. Still more to go.
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I finished my piece, or at least the prologue. If there's enough desire for more, I think I can add more.

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Originally Posted by zidanetribal View Post
I finished my piece, or at least the prologue. If there's enough desire for more, I think I can add more.
More, please...

I really like the direction you're taking with this!
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Finished my piece. First time I decided to take part in one of these challenges too, woo

Don't know if i'll continue it. I haven't quite decided how T'Mara goes from being rescued by the Reclaw to Virinat.
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Good stories.

And squatsauce, favorite line: "She smiled and said that I was wonderful. I felt a warmth within me. It might have been gas."
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R'ath is a very shy Reman and doesn't want that to show in his missive, so he's being careful to play up his Reman stoicism. In truth, his "conversations" with Tarayl are simply him staring and breathing heavily while he works up the nerve to ask her out.

As for Tarayl's thoughts? That is for another story, I think.

EDIT: I renamed the story to The Gripes of R'ath because I like that pun better.

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