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# 1 Traits Changes Suggestion
05-02-2013, 09:58 PM
Since the trait system changed, I looked at how some traits in the old system got minimized into single traits instead with the idea to free up trait slots wherever possible and keep normal species competitive with AlienGen species.

So this idea occurred to me: why not roll Pounce into Feline/Predatory Instincts? This would give all Caitians and Ferasans access to pounce from the get-go and they still have the option of not using it (not putting it in their power trays).

The only problem I forsee with it is that Instincts works differently for Ferasans than it does for Caitians.

Caitians get +10% perception, 10% Dodge, and +10% Exploit Damage.
Ferasans get +5% Perception, +5% Melee Damage, and +10% Exploit Damage.

This makes rolling Pounce into their respective version of "X Instincts" difficult, unless Pounce was specialized to work differently between the two species. Like Ferasans getting a version with more knockback since they're more aggressive.


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