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RNGD Fleet - tier 9 - Looking for members to become

invovled in our fleet progress and fleet/mission groups

we run. Accepting new & experienced or Veteran Casual/hardcore members - Veteran

STO members in the fleet and willing to help

individuals out with anything STO related (We encourage

use of Ventrilo - have our own server & website). Message

Smooz, Thephace, or Odorous ingame for more

information, or post on this thread and I'll get back to you ASAP! thanks.

We have been around in the Star Trek scene for a very long time going onto about 20 years now and would like to invite new and or old school members into our fleet to join us in progression in both our community and last but not least our star base. We are looking forward to building our numbers up for the future Legacy of Romulus content.

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