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So, I've been reading some posts around here, and a bit on OPvP about how EPTW is a 'final buff' of sorts. I feel a tad confused on that, so maybe ya'll wouldn't mind helping me make sure I have this right.

If I take Energy Weapon A, which does 100 damage (base, unbuffed, untouched with anything)...which of these things will happen when I use EPTW (25%), APA (20% damage boost), GDF (50% damage), and Tac Fleet (30%)

(Numbers are kept to simpler levels for sake of not confusing myself worse)

Example A: 100 damage base, plus APA is 120, Tac fleet is 150, and GDF makes it 200 damage. Adding in EPTW will buff that to 250


Example B: 100 damage base, APA is 120, Tac fleet is 150, GDF makes it 200. But EPTW will only buff to 225.

Or are both wrong?

I'm feeling like Example A is correct, but I'm just wanting to make sure. If that's the case though, then whoa, I can see why people are talking about just how strong EPTW, especially EPTW 3 can really be on an escort using cannons.

Change up those numbers some what, like let's say those cannons are doing...I dunno...6,500 damage. Add in the 40% or so boost from EPTW 3 (I think it's 40%), and suddenly that final number will jump to 9,100 (before crits, misses, resists, etc).

If I'm thinking this right of course.

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?

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