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05-03-2013, 12:40 AM
D'Ral; Keeper of Lore, should probably look a lot older to match her new voiceover. I know Romulans, like Vulcans, can live a long time without much change to their physical appearance, but she looks way too young for the voice given to her.
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05-03-2013, 04:49 AM
Ok, working on my thrid play through.. Just had to check out the new stuff in the tutorial. :^D

Firstly the "tutorial voice" talks over contact VO. That's a little annoying, and frustrating. Also disabling the help prompts, Does not stop the Tutorial VO, and I think personally, that that is a problem. Now I don' think it's a bad idea period to have it, I jsut think it should go with the prompts if you disable them. I also agree with a previous poster here, the Lore keeper's voice does not seem to match her face. She sounds like she's at least starting to reach the end stages of her life span, long as that may be for a romulan, and her face looks... well much younger. There's also, and I'm not sure if this was purposely done or not.. where she repeats ehrself at the end of story about after romulus was destroyed. she repeats: " We're just Dust... scattered by the winds of fate." twice, when the text jsut says it once.

The first half of the dialogue with Nevala after returning from the Khellid hive had no VO for me.. the second half did though. As in I walked up and made contact. there was text, but no VO. I hit the continue button, and there was VO for that part.

D'vex does not say: "But that leaves something else..." It's only there in text.

It's really nice though in total. I've run out of time to play through the whole of the tutorial, but I can't wait! :^)
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05-03-2013, 12:17 PM
I agree the new Intro is much much better than it was a couple of weeks ago. The VO allows the player to view the cutscenes for once, which are worth it. They still seem a LITTLE fast though. To be honest, I would expect a little more quality here, in terms of pan speeds, transitions, etc., to make it a bit more dramatic.

And yes, the help tips VO and the tutorial VO are overplaying each other. This occurs in the beginning, and later when the player begins flying the Warbird.

Cutscene that introduces the Warbird: Good, the shuttle is in there and working better than before. But I have a nitpick: this is a fairly 'special' reveal for the character, and could be made better. The camera passes through wreckage to reveal a distant Warbird, and that's excellent. But make that initial pass (wreckage reveal) a little longer, and we need more in the background. The ship, once revealed is too far away and just sitting in open space. Put some other wreckage around and behind it, as though it was hidden there. Let the camera follow the shuttle in closer to give us more detail of the ship...this could be a great cutscene, but currently it's just meh.

Upon initial visit of the Flotilla, in Tmer's office, part of the VO is missing...their appears to be a female present that says something to Tovan or the player, just before Tovan's exit. Text is there, but no VO.
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05-03-2013, 03:27 PM
i think the new voice overs are a perfect add on to sto... if you choose to have a season 8 dont add new stuff except voice overs to all original missions ...... as for things that could be better i think cryptic hit the ball out of the park this time....great job.
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05-03-2013, 05:14 PM
Tried the tutorial again with the latest build. Much improved. the VO's were great. there is still a gap in the VO that needs to be finished. but the rest is nice. I like the level up VO as well. The pacing on the cutscenes were much better. That added a lot to an already great intro.
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# 306 Gasko Blues/Turning Point
05-03-2013, 09:30 PM
Gasko Blues:
  1. Class specific kit does not scale, stays at Mk I (at least for Tactical).

Turning Point:
  1. The final bomb is apparently cloaked, ?cause its not visible anymore.
  2. Faction Specific gear does not scale. Mk IV at lvl 30.
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05-04-2013, 12:49 AM
Decided to do another run-through of the episode with my existing character. I figure testing them in a mission replay setting might be a good idea. I was interrupted by the servers dying, so the second half will have to come once the servers are online again and I have the time for it:

-=Pre Episode=-
-Really digging the new color-coded skill and weapon toolbar icons.
-New Romulus Command still has federation vendors.
-Floatilla still sells Federation fighter craft - even to a KDF-aligned Romulan.
-"Oooooo.. this Plasma Piercing Beam Rifle looks interesting.. I wonder what that green bar is..."

-=The Helix=-
-Tovan's voice acting feels a bit.. flat - as if reading from a script instead of actually talking to his commanding officer.
-I like the new red alert sound effects.
-I found myself unable to re-arrange my UI during the mission. I think the mission objectives window may have been forcing it out of the re-arrangement mode?
-The cloaking tooltip(and voice-over) are a really nice addition.
-"I'm liking these various spoken 'one-liners'." =d
-Ended up clipping through the Delta Arm of the Suliban Helix during combat. It looked a bit strange/was a little immersion breaking, but I'm not sure if it is a 'big' issue or if a 'solution' would create more (line of sight)problems than its worth.
-Teleporting the Refugees played the Romulan sound effect, but displayed a federation blue teleporter.
-Tovan's third spoken dialogue(just before warping out) didn't bother me. It sounded authentic enough for the situation.

-=Crossroads at Crateris=-
-Nice to see the Reman ships using the Reman ship textures and colors.
-"Argh! Let me re-arrange the UI while in local/combat space, game! Why has the ship 'vitals' window moved overlap with the weapon's tab!?"
-HUD re-arrangement works on the ground.
-Performance seems less choppy/smoother on the ground from the last time I was here.
-"The dripping effect from walking through the water was a nice touch. Is that new? or is it something I have always overlooked?"
-"Ooo, I have a voice to put to the face of Veril now."
-The weapon stash provided mk I items to a level 25 character. Perhaps this should be disabled during the 'mission replay'?
-"I'm really digging this Piercing Rifle, its secondary attack reminds me of the Omega Torpedo Launcher in some ways."
-The audio cue/roar for the arriving Elachi vessal sounds a bit off. It sounds like it's centered in the middle of the zone instead of coming from the east.
-Many of the enemies didn't scale with the player level, although some of them did.
-Perhaps some of the banter between Veril and her father would be better as the new text windows - detracts from the urgency of the situation. Waiting resulted in some of the shuttles getting really far ahead and getting themselves 'sploded.
-The warning about the frontal cone weapon of the Elachi/Mysterous ship is a nice addition, although it did open with the attack many moments before it the notification.
-Warpout effect was Klingon-red instead of Romulan green. New players likely won't encounter this, but I felt it worth mentioning.
-Tovan's VO matches the urgency of the mission much better than in "The Helix". Overall statisfied with the performance.

-Was unable to re-arrange the HUD in local space over New Romulus - appears to be an issue related specifically to that zone layer.
-Warpout from New Romulus local space was Klingon red.

-=Gasko Blues=-
-Away team selection displayed 6 powers for each bridge officer - land and space.
-The red/sealed door between Science and Medical is still mis-aligned, meaning it's possible to see 'through' the level.
-There was a large grin across my chin for Hakeev's dialogue! =D
-One of my officers completely vaporized the station administrator on their own - bypassing the choice for the player to let them live or not.
-I like Hiven's voice. Doesn't sound completely 'Romulan', nor did I expect it, but I still like it.
-I like the combat tooltips here, they introduce some of the finer points of ground combat at a good time.

-=The Search for New Romulus=-
-"I'm liking Tovan's voice acting for this mission."
-Warpout from the Gamma Eridon system was Klingon red.
-Dewa III: Ran/flew through an invisible object between the second and third sensor probe launch locations(just before triggering the Nausican encounter). The camera jolted/rapidly zoomed in and out.
-Away team selection displays land and space abilities on Boffs.
-The tooltips work really nice for this mission.
-"Wait.. Really? You can just press 'H' to holster and draw weapons! O_o;" (I actually learned something!)

-Was disconnected from server mid-mission.

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05-04-2013, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by thedoctor0889 View Post
Neutral No More- When I acquired the mission I was told to go to the flotilla to acquire a centurion level ship but I am currently at subcommander, so I had to pick up a centurion level ship. Is this a bug with the mission or a bug with the ranking?
I had stopped playing the beta while waiting for the "Neutral No More" to be fixed from the KDF side. Today I log on and receive a very polite message that it has been reset and I have new orders. That is no problem.

My problem is I have to claim a new ship, yet there is no ship for me to claim.How do I advance on this mission?

NVM, my issue has already been addressed. They are working on it

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05-04-2013, 06:16 PM
on the search for new Romulous

at the end part when fighting or just before fighting the tholians in space.

the bridge officers are going on about how they hate the Talshirar. in the voice overs.

while fighting the Tholians and just before

The ground combat is much better vs the tholian comander.
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05-04-2013, 09:47 PM
After the last (5/3) patch, and starting a new Romulan character:

The Singularity console is no longer visible on the Rearrange HUD screen. The console appears when in game, but it is not moveable. When you press the ESC key, and choose Rearrange HUD, there is a quick flash of the instructions, but it just stays in the main playing screen. This happens whether you are under Red Alert or not.

Virinat Tutorial

D'Vex voice dialogue does not match text. When you bring your science findings to D'Vex about the device and creatures in the cave, he starts taling about the mining colony. On the next page, the text dialogue starts with "We didn't know what to think." Yet, the voice over says" We didn't know what to believe."

When D'Vex is taling about his ship, he still refers to his captain, for Romulans, it should be Commander.

The Search for New Romulus

When you get to the Dewa III system, after defeating the Nausicans, and deploying the last probe, Tovan has some dialogue. There is another discrepency with the voice over and the text. His third paragraph of dialogue starts with, "There doesn't seem be any... " But his voice over says "don't" instead of doesn't.

On Dewa III, while exploring on the ground map, at the first river area, I found a pack/herd of Epohh that was running in the river, and it were completely under the water.... did we get a new breed of Epohh?

Dewa III, after the final battle and Temer contacts you, he addresses you as captain. Shouldn't it be your current rank, or again "Commander"?

Turning Point

After arriving at Khitomer, and navigating to meet with D'Tan, his voice over and the text completely do not match. Nothing his says in the voice over is in the text.

Unfortunately I got the message that everything was coming down for maintenance, and couldn't testing after Turning Point.

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