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I am so glad i at least have another game to play while sto ignores this failure to update the launcher issue that is obviously causeing wide spread problems for a lot of players , i would rather get an email back saying sorry we dont know who forked up the launcher but we are trying our best to fix it ,,even if they were going away for a long weekened and it was a lie it would better than ,, clean your browser cache and restart your cpu ,they have some procedures to go through that takes hours of your time and keeps you busy unnessarily downloading updates that dont need to be downloaded and diagnostics that chug along for hours only to **** you off and stop trying to play sto while they figure what they screwed up. just so we know exactly what is going on with my sto here it is ,, my year old fully functional 4 core cpu with gigs of ram and updated drivers and high end parts that work just fine with every single game and program i have on my cpu .. sto works flawless for a year ,, now over night ,run as admin and ok,, small window pops up ,, trying to update the launcher please be patient tried connecting 1 time (haah should say 342 times),,30 secs later ,,, the patchclient got another message while it was in a state with no response function ,, then it closes after i click ok ,,, sounds to me like someone is not answering the call, ie: sto server ,,k sto your turn ,, i dare you spend 1/20 th the time i spent screwing with this to actually fix it ,and if you cant fix it tell us ,ok see you in a month maybe it will be fixed by then. stop sending generic support response emails ,,might get nicer posts from users.

update , after getting frustrated with this game i tried again to get the launcher to work , i opened 15 patchers at the same time and either the 8 or 9 th one got a response and patched ,i had to close the remaining 14 windows which were all failed attempt , keep dbl clicking it might work,i knew it was not my end ,, oh works fine now 3 attempts to log in were all sucessfull
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05-18-2012, 06:31 PM
Have you tried Options > Force Verify and let that complete ?

You can try disabling on demand patching and see if that helps too.

Have you tried installing the latest game client and installing it?

And here is the long bit of info for you all. If all else fails, send in a ticket to us!

After you get the game updated and get in game, you can uninstall Pando Media Booster or shut it down (PMB.exe in Windows Task Manager) if you start getting unusual lag spikes, system resource problems, bandwidth issues, or other network issues. Info about pando issues:

You may need to update or install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. You may need to update your version of Windows, also may need to update to the latest version of DirectX and Internet Explorer 8 or 9 with Javascript enabled. You may also need to check or change your network settings. In addition, you should check that your CPU, mainboard, and CPU drivers are updated if applicable.

You can try adding the game folder/files to your exceptions list in your antivirus and firewall software. Please see the help menu or support website for the software that you use if you aren't sure how to do it.

At your own risk, you may have to disable your antivirus, firewall, and other security software temporarily while you download, install, update, login to, and play the game. Sometimes the security software will block it or throttle it, no matter what you try or even if you try to add exceptions for the game files in your security software.

You may also have to disable, shut down, uninstall, or disable any: torrent, keyboard/mouse, web browser toolbars, video/screen capture, gamepad/input device, multimedia, Instant Messaging, voice over IP, web browser games, other games software applications before downloading, installing, updating, logging into, and playing the game. Basically shut down all non-essential programs.

- You can try using the Task Manager built into Windows to review what processes and services are running on your computer that might be causing problems or using too many resources.

Or you can use Process Explorer, which you can download from Microsoft:

You may need a program like Winzip or WinRAR to extract the file. Put the executable file (ends in .exe) in a folder location where you can find it easily, like your Desktop or Documents. Then just start it up.

Please note that the information that it shows is of a technical nature, and shutting down (or kill process) processes that you don't really know what it does can mess up or crash your system.

This tool is best for seeing what is running, and you can research the processes that you see online in a search engine to see what can or can't be shut down. You can also find out what could be responsible for any software conflicts, or if something is using too many resources on your system.
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05-19-2012, 01:03 PM
ok i understand all this and i have done all you suggested minus the last part about the win zip and run and so on im not sure but i have done the rest and running out of options im just perplexed cause its alot of us at the same time and upgrading alot i mean with out good reason i bought this computer the same time i baught the computer in 2010 and all the other games i have play just fine im just confused and getting upset but i still try everyday to start it even bypass the launcher and run just the game client i get the log in screen but when i log in it just sits there no data coming or going i open up my connection thing and watch but it only the log in screen just does that and i have everyfile associated with sto accepted in all firewalls and anti virus including the window defender firewalls i thought mabe my connection so i went to a friend house and used his cable net connection and still in a state of no response and then closes so i can verify or anything its boggling on my end
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Check here a possible solution.

I dunno if can fix every troubles explained during the time into suc thread, but in my case after the last path i had to set the correct proxy into option value of the game launcher to get access again to game.

I wrote such analisys fixing solution post, try to check here:

after 12h of blink status i got by my self the solution, check your time line logfs of every application considering that such game use different IP servers for every instance and maps, and a differente servers for chat system (it works as Skype so maybe it can produce conflict of sockets stack over the port 7001 and others that SIP protocol uses)

Anyway...i am sure that the first way to solve a start to check by self the possible causes and not start to think that the problems is over the machine of user or the game server...

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05-20-2012, 05:51 AM
hi there promonemo im not having the character issue but i cant launch the launcher to even force verify or change any options i have done all the logs and so on and even reinstalled but still get a message of the launcher being in a state of no response im not sure what that mean but i was wondering is it possible they changes like i dunno server addresses or something with out telling the launcher lol cause thats what it seems like its hitting dead air and if so where or what files could be the problem opening the launcher i would gladly check my files and make changes if need be i dunno im just not being able to launch there for cant play i can even bypass the launcher which in my head should have worked but i get te log in screen i log in and then after a long wait server timed out its like they are not there anymore just gone not asnswering the call lol
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05-22-2012, 06:51 AM
I'm having the same patcher not connecting issue...tried the standard remedies, even tried a whole different ISP (grabbed the aircard off my work laptop) - same result. Another fine example of Crytic's technical prowess at work....we're impressed, ok - now fix it.
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07-03-2012, 11:09 AM
Same here. I don't think this is a network problem because if it was waiting on the network, it would be stuck in the list of processes using up a portion of your processor power. I've observed that it uses around 13 CPU in Task Manager constantly. Somehow, it looks like it's stuck on something...perhaps in a loop trying to execute a series of commands. I'm rather curious as to why we're all having this problem. Do any of you have a Bitdefender 2013 security product installed as their antivirus/security solution?
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# 78 patcher error
01-04-2013, 08:50 AM
Hi perfect world i am having a trouble with star trek online launcher since 3rd January 2013 i have re-install the game 4 times and i delete everything on my PC and install the again but the same message keeps showing up saying this ( The patchclient got the message while it was in a state with no response function) please help me out
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05-04-2013, 02:32 AM
05.05.2013 I logged on, had lunch and then dissconnected and when I tried to log back on I got this error.

"Unable to establish connection with patch server. Please check your internet connection."

Obviously my internet connection is just fine. Cant loggin. great job STO
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05-04-2013, 02:44 AM
"Star Trek Online is currently offline. We are working to resolve the issue."

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