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05-04-2013, 08:53 PM
STF, back several months or a year ago getting the optionals seemed impossible for me(I was a damn n00by at the time) but time passed, and several thousands of hours in stf later I can value my level to say I'm somekind of veteran.

ISE now is for me the easier optional objective to get as everybody already knows how to handle things and so I believed there was no way to lose this optional ever again....god I was sooo wrong.

This was no late than yesterday the drama happened, the ISE started smoothly and the tac cube went down quickly as usual but when it comes to the usual strategy they began to split up in each direction towards the two transformers: I was mostly surprised but the best is when they don't shoot the generators, prefer to shoot the spheres or the transformers without caring about the generators first.

If I could, I may would've taken the aggro or something but...Damnit Jim, I'm a Bird of Prey not a Dreadnought !

All my bad experiences in STF are mostly of the same level so I chose this one

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