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Guys I have a friend of mine that has a problem, when he connects to my vent server and is trying to play STO, just not even 10mins ago he got DC'd from the game and vent like 5 times in a row.

We are trying to figure out where the problem lies, now he had said that he was playing other games online for hours with no problem at all. But when he joins my vent server and is on STO he gets continues disconnects from both sto and vent back to back.

I tried to run down maybe it was a router problem originally, he had bought a new one, I don't think its a port issue because wouldn't STO and Ventrilo use separate ports altogether?

It only seems to happen when he has both up at the same time, but he had logged off when I asked him to try playing STO without vent up at all.... He must have been pissed and didn't wanna try it.....

I do not know his version of windows atm I believe it's 7, but personally I've never seen an issue where playing 1 certain game would create a problem with Ventrilo, that would cause both programs to DC from the internet.

If I saw that happening on my end I would have checked to see if I could browse the internet at all while it happened, and then mainly blame the network card itself.... I really doubt is a port issue...

But if anyone has any ideas on this problem, the advise would be appreciated.

P.S. If anything its gotta be with his service provider, and like I told him before he ended up logging was that I'd have to physically be there to witness the problem, to be able to try and fix it, its so hard to explain things on the net.

P.S.S Also when I mentioned it was my server, its through a hosting service and I pay for the good stuff, he seems to be the only one having an issue.

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