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11-05-2009, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by Leica_Fun View Post
This ship, is not used for what you would like to call "social" use. Thank God they don't have a "humanitarian" class, otherwise it'd make me puke the same way UN would with its useless phony organization.

Re-read the description of this ship. Too many of you so called "peace loving" people mis-interpreted this fine ship. With quotes like "Finally a ship thats not deisgned to do battle".

This ship is more than a merchant ship. What is wonderful about it is it could be very deceptive. With money, it could have the potential of becoming a very powerful and weaponized merchant ship with capabilities of destroying almost any Klingon, Starfleet, or Romulan ship. Afterall, this design was commissioned by the Cardassians, built with quality by the Ferengis.
nooo what this ship is, is actually a highly likely variant of a possible pirate vessel

those of you who have played eve online will know what i mean about pirates. on another note, as described above it too could be very deceptive based on its description.

however. i think its safe to say, that this ship still wont realy be a working back bone on an offencive basis when it has factory capabilities. im assumeing its going to tie in with some kind of crafting or construction that isnt limited to your bridge officers.

just because they have only told us that crafting is in the form of your bridge officers, doesnt neccessarily mean their isn other forms of crafting. also they refer to it as a science vessel, so also possible this might encoporate some specialised skills and allow for research of new tech.

do we even know if its possible or not for players to have an research and industry type of play in sto, or is it all about the fight ????

im not one to relish in possible disspointments but rather like to speculate on possibilities from what i read with out getting my hopes up. this very much be some kind of research and development class of ship.

remember they said they are only working on klingon and federation. this is niether... this is if you will concider it some kind of neutral no faction fleet.

i like the words they used when they mentioned some of these vessels are equiped with replicator modules making it into a mobile factory. i think their is a few key words their..

it tells me -
1/ its not just going to be an npc ship
2/ because of its possible factory role it wouldnt really be an npc ship cus npcs dont need factories
3/ highly likely to bring crafting to the game in the future that hasnt yet been divulged as its still under deveopment and this ship is their way of testing the system.

i think cryptic are investigateing ways of bringing more crafting to the players.
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11-07-2009, 03:04 PM
It will almost certainly be one of the common bad guy vessels in low to mid-level combat missions, a ship to be rescued, and perhaps even competition in exploration missions. The fact that this ship's origin is so "generic" means it will be easily adapted by the developers, to whatever role is necessary for the episode, or even possibly be used by the "Genesis" auto-content creation system.

I suspect we will be seeing a lot of this ship, in many load-out variations.
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11-09-2009, 03:47 AM
Perhaps these are going to be STO's version of chests/rares (albeit a well known one). Something about the last paragraph just makes me think that.
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11-18-2009, 06:42 AM
Not a massive fan of it myself, looks a bit to farfetched, even for trek

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