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05-05-2013, 01:29 PM
Tovan voice makes the character 100 times more annoying, especially because he have to comment on about everything, before it was just close window but since his voice DOESNT STOP after closing the window is FAR FAR worst.

In fact because its so integrated for no reason whatsoever its easy to break on replay when we can simply NOT take him on away missions, in the Search of New Romulus he was replaced by a Federation character because he was not in my away team because God knows he MUST comment.

I know this is F2P but THIS FORCED CHARACTER is very much "BUY BRIDGE OFFICER SLOTS" because we cannot get rid of him and we cannot train him.
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I am able to logon go into the character. But once I try to map move from I get a server not responding for ever. It never times out nor does it recover. Please check that one out.
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# 313 Recent Changes
05-05-2013, 10:02 PM
Happy with most of the recent changes. Game play is smoother and episodes are much better. Over all a much better experience then the beginning of beta play.
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05-06-2013, 05:07 AM
In Gasko Blues, I noticed in the cut scene when Hiven finds his brother dead, he's carrying a federation pheser rifle instead of the barrowed Tal shiar weapon. Which looks like a disrupter, but if I was catching the right persons shots.. the energy looks like plasma type. I suppsoe All thier rifles could look the same though... or I was seeing one of my officer's beams. It's definitely one of those things! :^D lol

In the search for new romulus, in space the tutorial VO tells you to press V to scan the area, Your Tricorder, will etc.. you don't use your tricorder to scan you want a reading on something outside your ship. I Mean you still could use your tricorder, but only if you want readings on your bridge. :^D This might be a bit nit picky, but.. I noticed it, and thought I'd mention it. On the ground when it repeats the instructions it's correct that time. :^P
I could not observe wildlife(Epohhs) Untill I had holstered my weapon manually. That only happened at the first area you can do so. Only two Vivver cats appeared in that area, which may also be a problem. There where more my lasty two play throughs, and the next two areas I did, with hostile wildlife had the number of targets i was expecrting.
I believe I saw it mentioned somehwere already, but the Sailbacks have Underscores in their names.
The third area I came to with hostiles, more Vivver cats, i could not observe the Epohhs period. they just kept follwoing me around as long as I didn't get to far away, though getting close again would entice them to follow. They did so in a big clump of epohh for the most part, separating occasionally. I finished the rest of the investigation followed by epohhs. Those Brave, Loyal Epohhs stayed with me all the way through My fight with the Tholians. I awarded them Medals made of sticks and leaves, and fed them a ration bar. Sadly I was forced to leave them behind when thwe Tholians attacked my allies in orbit. I will never forget their actions that day though.

In turning point, D'tan's VO is completely different from the text in the contact dialgue box.

So far, I do have to say I'm really liking the little refinements that have been taking place. I can't wait till it's all finished! :^)
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05-06-2013, 05:15 PM
Just started replaying this particular arc. The VO's that have been added make a difference. It's funny, but Tovan sounds precisely how I expected him to sound (which is a good thing). The Updated UI also makes a difference, you can clearly see in a pinch which skills are Tactical, Science, or Engineering. Keep it up Cryptic, this is looking to be a fantastic expansion.
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05-06-2013, 06:13 PM
Thoroughly enjoyed the new content.
It was exciting to play a Romulan.
I especially enjoyed being able to fly a War Eagle!
Its a beauty!
Im a push-over for the old TOS ships.
Would be cool to costume in the TOS Romulan uniforms.
There is a gauge in my HUD for a particle burst that I have not figured out how to move out of the middle of the screen to the side.
Is it movable?
All in all I loved it.
Thank you for including me in the Beta.
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05-06-2013, 10:34 PM
Okay, managed to get the second half of my replay through the episode with a higher level romulan:

-=The Search for New Romulus=-
-Seeing as I was level 26 at the time, I didn't get to test how the encounter was without the team-wiping mine from the commander - I really do something needs to be changed regarding them though(Either Boff AI or something with the mines themself).
-The space encounter with the Recluse still seemed quite easy, but that may have moreso been due to a well timed alpha strike and having a larger ship(the weavers honestly gave me more trouble).

-I noticed there are no duty officer assignments aboard the flotilla.

-=Turning Point=-
-Tovan's commentary is quite amusing.. it helps set the tone and matches the mood.
-D'tan's spoken dialogue is drastically different from the written dialogue.
-"I how S'taass is going to get some spoken dialogue... it would be great to finally have a voice to match with the character.."
-Again, D'tan's spoken dialogue does not match the written dialogue after Temer's death.
-The mission rewarded another blue bridge officer.. I can see this potentially being exploited.

-=Neutral No More=-
-The Dhelen class(and it's variant) appears to be listed before the B'rel in the shipyard, despite it being a higher tier ship.
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05-07-2013, 02:59 AM
  • While deploying the probes in orbit around New Romulus during "The Search for New Romulus", a tooltip with voiceover pops up explaining the TRICORDER mechanic. The same tooltip pops up again after one beams down to the planet (where it then makes more sense).
  • On several occassions during "Turning Point" (Khitomer Conference), there is some voiceover NOT fitting to the dialogue-text. The spoken version is either completely different or deviates in some places.
- Masterlist: Wrong contact backgrounds in STO -

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05-07-2013, 03:36 AM
There are times when i get a problem with the VO's

such as there are times the instruction VO will be going then tovan will pop on screen and start talking both are talking at the same time and that is annoying.

Ive had this happen

The Helix

Gasko Blues

Turning point

Ive been replaying the other tut missions to see if i can spot other VO issues like this.
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05-07-2013, 07:51 PM
On the flotilla, in the opening cutscene it looks like you are going to a d'deridex class, but when you look out the window near D'Tan, it looks like you are in a Ha'Pax from what I have seen of them. The wings don't match a d'deridex.

Also very annoying that the tutorial and the other voice overs tend to over run each other.

Another thing, while your ranks are in the Romulan scheme, all of the ship BOFF slots are in the federation scheme, very confusing.

From certain angles, the mogai or variant in the flotilla has white wings.
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