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“I can kill the Borg.” She looked through new eyes into the heart of the Borg Collective, and how fragile they were.

“Then what?”

“God! Isn’t there a straight answer anywhere?”

“Andrea, you do have great power, and I more than any other understand your want to use it.” He came close and sat down on a couch that appeared for him. “The more power you have, the more cautious you have to be letting it out. Power can set you free, but power isn’t freedom, especially if you have a conscious.”

The galaxy once again formed before her and she saw herself launching a wave of force that destroyed the Borg. The ripple of the blast started a chain reaction that destroyed everything in the galaxy.

“Life exists on the most fragile of mediums. Life grows on the edge of subspace, like bacteria on the surface tension of water in a lake. The possibility of destroying it by accident is incredibly high.”

“Can’t I learn to control it?”

“Of course. I would even be willing to teach you, if only to have someone interesting to talk to. So you kill the Borg, what happens in six hundred years when the Galaxy needs the Borg?”

“For what?”

“Haven’t you learned yet? There is always a greater evil out there. The Borg will stop an evil so dire as to make all their previous sins seem pitiful in comparison.”

“The Borg are evil…”

“The morality of your past is no longer relevant. You have to take into account what they would have done in the future, without your interference.”

“So I have cosmic power, but shouldn’t ever use it.”

“When you were in the pool, and from the pool, you could do anything you wanted in the pool. There were laws you couldn’t break, but they were hidden from you. Now you are watching the pool, and aware of the laws, because you can break them. If you do, you could kill everyone.”

“What is the point then?”

“That is for you to find out.”

“I want to go back. Can I will myself back to what I was?”

“I can help you with that. Before we do go down that road, I’d like to show you a few things.”

Andrea smiled. “I guess we do have the time, don’t we?”

“All the time there is. We won’t take too long, it will be harder for you the longer you are here…”

“Will I lose… what makes me… me, if I return?”

“I have been waiting so long for you to appear that even now you would have a hard time comprehending. You will be you, and after you are done with your life, you can come back and join me. I’ll be waiting.”

“You act like you know me.”

“I know all of you. Come with me, we have some places to go.”

Descriptions of where they went and what they did would make very little sense, but to the crew of the Granameir there was no time lost at all.

As Q prepared to remove Andrea’s power…

“What will I remember?”

“Nothing. I wouldn’t torture you like that.”

“How long… before I am ready?”

“The choice has always been yours.”

Andrea woke on the table in Sick bay. There was no pain, no confusion, no extra voices.

“Doctor, what happened?”

“It was more explosive than I planned for, but I used the Borg technology in you to destroy… whatever that thing was.”

“Doctor,” she began, trying without success to remember why she felt so sad and happy at the same time, “I had the most bizarre dream.”

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