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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
I see...I had taken it to be a private thing, to demonstrate to Ch'K'rr why continuing relations with the Federation would be a good thing (and this in spite of the rough start she got off to with Marcus Kane when she was little).

I am really unsure of Alyosha being in such a public situation. I mean, by then he would be used to the attention that a high-ranking officer receives, but I am really just unsure how he'd take such an order from Starfleet Command if ordered to reveal himself publicly in that manner.
I have to admit, I didn't think it would be an assignment he would relish, but for some reason, I just had the strongest impression of him having to reduce his visual impact because of Pentaxia's suns, and figured a diplomatic mission like that might have been something he was asked to do by Quinn if at some point his true origin was to become more 'public knowledge'. I certainly don't see Quinn ordering him to do it.

To be fair to Ch'K'rr, her initial 'meeting' with Marcus did not come at the best of times for her, or under the best circumstances, but as she grew up, the lessons from her tutors would have caused her to re-evaluate her attitudes and opinion on isolationism.

Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Any of those things are quite possible. I doubt I will reveal anything, though, because the Devidians are SO unknown.
Totally understand where you're coming from, it would be all to easy to create a huge foundation for the Devidians, only to have Cryptic cut it out from under your writing with a future mission... I think by keeping what is revealed about Devidians to be what Alyosha knows about himself (in addition to what is revealed) that keeps it from over-stepping that boundary

Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Hmm...interesting possibility!
From what I've gathered from the posts of others, it just seems like 'Drake' is some kind of holoimage which an unknown agent hides behind, and if that is the case, what is to stop countless agents using the same holoimage... My personal theory, is that Section 31 captured a Dominion cloning facility used to create Vorta, but simply re-programmed the agnates in the facility to follow the template of the original Franklin Drake, rather than Vorta profiles... Given the premise set up at the end of the entry, I could see Siri killing Drake to escape his plans to use her genetic profile to enhance any planned augment platoons, but I don't want to write the death of an STO character which would simply be ignored by the game Oh well, I've already seen her breakout, so if she does get kidnapped, she's killing someone to get away

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