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# 1 Fleet Code of Conduct
05-09-2013, 04:15 PM
Having discussed at length detrimental fleet practices that undermine player confidence in fleets on my thread Fleet recruitment, I feel it only right I should follow up with beneficial practices that help keep the community system we have strong and stable for ourselves & future players to enjoy. The following Articles are compiled from my many experiences in leadership in this and other MMO's throughout the years. I've designed them as common sense principles which benefit any individual fleet, large or small, and the community system as a whole, should a fleet choose to implement them. Feel free to copy and utilize them for your fleet's benefit and/or share your own sound rules of thumb that may be added to the Code. If you are a leader or fleet who finds these principles worthy of use, please let us hear about it in reply to this thread; along with any comments, opinions, or suggestions you may have.


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