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05-10-2013, 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by jonsills View Post
I'll have to go watch the episode later, but as I recall, Spock was as surprised as anyone when they finally got a visual of the Romulan bridge. I know for sure none of the humans aboard knew anything about it; in fact, the navigator reacted rather poorly, immediately accusing Spock of being untrustworthy. (He was reprimanded by Kirk, repeatedly.)

I don't think the E had been commissioned yet; if I'm not mistaken, that episode took place before the Big D crashed.
As psycoticvulcan pointed out, Trials and Tribbleations took place after Generations.

Way of the Warrior references the destruction of the Ent-D, and we know that at the time First Contact took place, the Enterprise E had been in space for a year.
Infinite possibilities have implications that could not be completely understood if you turned this entire universe into a giant supercomputer.
And I don't pretend to understand them.

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