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05-10-2013, 07:58 AM
Originally Posted by naevius View Post
Omega is trivial to max out; I've done it on 9 characters.

Romulan is a pain, and I've gotten to T5 on only one. And that is the only one I intend to go past T4 on, except possibly on a new Romulan toon. We need decent space missions for Romulan Rep!
Oh, I fully agree. We need more Tal Shiar missions to unlock with Rommie rep. It would be cool if there were missions unlocked after tier 5 that required the precision use of the Rommie mask energy signature you get.

Originally Posted by rvlion79 View Post
On my main KDF I got both Omega and Romulan Rep-tree finished at T5... On my second KDF toon however I got Rom up to T3 and Omega nearing T3.
I just got my Rom rep tree up to tier 3 myself . Only about 25 more days to go before I unlock tier 5 Q_Q! As the Dos Equis man says, stay grindy my friends.

Originally Posted by questerius View Post
I consider my Klingon character a secondary character since i really don't enjoy the klingon style that much, but i maxed out both Omega and romulan reputation on both.
So fed rommie then? Tac, engie, or sci? You know what? I've actually changed my mind. I'm going to be rolling a Reman sci now in preparation for whatever sci carrier is released. I like the unique playing styles that science offers over the beam whaling and laser pew pewing of the engies and tacs.

Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
That Gekli mission is actually kind of broken. There's a couple groups Hirogen escorts that will just sit there without firing back at all, and if you take them out then the poachers stop attacking the gekli and the hunting party doesn't show up. Plus it only counts for 15% of the sector patrol.

I used to do it with radiation scan mission, hitting all five systems on the route, and finish up with a quick stop at Acamar or Nequencia, but after trying to run my third character through the rep it all got old, so I just settled for the patrol stop that's quickest/easiest to finish.
I ran it again yesterday, and I think I know why it's broken. If you fly directly over the lit up path, only 1 or 2 groups will probably hit you. I think Cryptic assumed we would be fly off the beaten path in a it of anger brought on by the senseless gekli poaching to whip the fear of god into the mean poachers. Guess Cryptic never figured we were that lazy :p.

Originally Posted by silverfaustx View Post
have t5 omega and rom rep on 6 toons 3fed/3kdf, finished them all within a month of its release on sto. more then 5 months ago
during q winterland
On six toons O_O. I think my brain just exploded trying to imagine how much time that took. Oh gawd, get it out of my head!!! haha. I swear, I'm going to open up the first rehabilitation clinic for STO rep tree addicts in the U.S. Flyers in the waiting area will say something like: "Life isn't over at tier 5".

Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
Yep, the winter eppohs made it extremely easy to finish it. Really, all it took was a daily PvP race, that rewarded eppoh tags (12 for 1st, 6 for 2nd and 2 or 3? for 3rd). I was able to collect hundreds of eppoh tags which I could turn in for doff assignments that would yield 100~200 rom marks after 3 days. After a week I was able to chain multiple assignments and make those rom marks per day. I know people who still haven't run out of rom marks yet, or they're too lazy to convert it all into dilithium because it's so much.

Here's a guide I found on the forums.


That should give you a head start. For now, all I can say is that you will need some good doffs, preferably rare or very rare if you can afford it. Biologists and research scientists seem to be the best choice as they have the best traits to get a critical results (there could be other better choices of doffs though).

Basically, all it takes is to go with a friend to New Romulus's eppoh fields, grab the daily eppoh tagging mission from one of the NPCs there and tag as many eppohs as possible. Do this mission with at least 1 teammate, otherwise you're wasting your time. You can ask in the zone chat for assistance but it's better to go in with a fleetmate and/or friend. Optimal amount to get is 30. The rest is to do a series of chain doffs assignments, which you want to crit as often as possible lol. So it helps to have good doffs with the right traits. At the end of 5 days or 7 days, you should have up to 400 rom marks. If you decide to this everyday, I think you can chain multiple assignments and make that amount each day after the first week.

I haven't done the eppoh tagging on new romulus though, I find it too tedious and boring. At the very least they should give us a way to transwarp to new romulus, that'll definitely motivate me to go there more often.
hmmm, chaining the assignments and getting around 400 days does sound enticing. Once I get tired of doing tholian red alerst and the Tau Dewa patrol, I'm definitely going to check it out. One big problem with it, though, is that I'd have to cough up 3-4 mil for the biologists and research scientists. I would rather earn marks another way and just spend that 3-4 mil on my Reman once he's unlocked. What do you think?

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