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At the end of the tutorial, when you go around the flotilla and talk to the tailor and ship customization officer.

Customized the ship, using decal and the Romulan (brown) option. Changing colors did not show any change to the decal in the ship customization screen. It was that same ugly brownish-orange in the customization screen, regardless of which color option I changed or what I chose. However, the decal did show the customization color once I was in space.

Not a game-breaker, obviously, but difficult to guess what was being customized and what it would look like.

Also, a few cutscenes in the tuturial where it appeared there was supposed to be a voiceover, but none were there. I felt the default music setting was too high, overpowering the voice overs, but was easily fixed in options. Not going to post separately for that, as I assume you're aware of these.

Overall, beautiful job. I'm really excited for the LoR to hit holodeck. Great job!
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